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Designer Flip Case Cover for Lenovo S8 S8-50 8" Tablet (Black) (Sleep/Wake) (Magnetic Lock)

Designer Flip Case Cover for Lenovo S8 S8-50 8" Tablet (Black) (Sleep/Wake) (Magnetic Lock)

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Product Description

Tablet PCs are becoming increasingly popular these days. Tablet PCs function as mini computers and hence they are enjoying a lot of popularity among working professionals who have to travel a lot. Carrying a laptop isn't always feasible and tablet PCs are the perfect substitutes for laptops for they support all the functions that a laptop does. Ever since the incorporation of computer systems in our work lives, we have grown to be extremely dependent on them. Computers help us function faster and more efficiently. Desktops were the most popular form of computer systems in offices and at homes till a few years ago. However, they were bulky and unwieldy and there was no way to access data when a person was travelling. They were soon replaced with laptops because they were more compact and easy to carry. However, the older versions of laptops were heavy too and they paved the way for sleeker and lightweight models. These laptops are now gradually being replaced with tablet PCs that allow you to work just as you would on a laptop even when you are travelling. This is because they are handy and can be used anywhere and everywhere. However, tablet PCs are sensitive and highly susceptible to damage if not looked after carefully. To ensure that your tablet PCs function well for a longer period, it is important that you equip them with a tough and sturdy cover. If you are looking for a high quality cover for your Lenovo S8 tablet, here's a product that is sure to impress you with its quality.

This designer flip case cover for Lenovo S8 tablet is a unique product that can protect your device and keep it safe and damage free for a longer period. This product is made of high quality material which can withstand daily wear and tear and last you a long time. This product comes in a beautiful black colour. This cover will offer full coverage to your tablet, both on the front and back sides. The smart design of this cover will ensure that the cover clings tightly to your device and seals all the entry points through with dust, dirt and moisture can enter your device. Also, slips and falls are detrimental to the health of your device. The tight grasp of this cover will ensure that your device is safely stored inside the cover and is protected from damage due to slips and falls. This cover can also be folded back so that you can place your tablet in a comfortable position while watching videos and movies or making video calls. The smart cut outs in the cover allow you to access all keys and buttons on the sides of the device without having to remove the cover. b>About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Elite, which specialises in manufacturing mobile covers and cases and tablet covers and cases.

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Product Features

  • High Quality Material
  • Access to all buttons, back camera & Ports
  • Can be set at various positions (as shown in Picture)
  • Superior shock absorption
Product Details
Manufacturer Elite
Manufacturer Part Number EA-09-5851451
Model Number EA5851451

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