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Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer | Acid Green 927 - 200ml

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer | Acid Green 927 - 200ml

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer | Acid Green 927 - 200ml

In today's fast paced world, time for everyone is very precious. It is very difficult to maintain a balance between health and work. Dettol brings you a sanitizer which will help you remain healthy along with saving much of your time. Let us check out the attributes of the product which will help you make the purchase.

Keep Your Health In Check

A sanitizer is a product which contains ethanol, isopropylalcohol and propanol. These ingredients help make your hands germ free as they wipe out all the fungus and bacteria from your hands. As a result your hands become clean. During office hours, we often do not get time to leave our work in the middle of it and wash our hands after it gets dirty. Using a hand sanitizer will enable you to get rid of the dirt and keep your hands healthy. It is advisable that you should use this sanitizer before eating your food with your hands. This will ensure that you do not consume bacteria and fungus along with your food. Maintaining good hygiene is very important which will help you remain healthy and if you remain healthy, you can keep your family healthy too. It is not expected out of small children to know that they should avoid dirt. Hence, it is your duty as a parent to carry a sanitizer with you all the time. Whenever your child is going to eat something, make sure that you wipe their hands with the sanitizer. The Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer is very handy which adds to its compact size. It will slide in your sleek purse without a problem. Shop online for Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer and take along good health with you wherever you go. If you are worried that the moisture of your hand might be affected then give all your negative thoughts a rest. The sanitizer is so mild that it will keep your hands soft and will have no bad effects on your hand.

How to Use?

Using the sanitizer is very easy. If your hands get dirty then you should take a few droplets of the sanitizer on your palm. Mix the sanitizer all over your hand. Make sure it covers your palm and the back portion of your hand. The brand Dettol promises to give you 99.99% protection against germs. It is completely rinse free. You do not need water to wash it off. It blends flawlessly in your hands. It has no weight nor is it sticky. Its non sticky feature makes this product a must buy. This product is really very useful especially when you are travelling. Getting access to water is a difficult task everywhere, so when you are all set to eat your food and find no water, you can clean your hands with this Sanitizer. Buy Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer online and keep yourself healthy like never before. Diseases reach the body from your own hands so keeping them hygienic is very important.

About The Brand

Dettol is a brand which needs no introduction. They have been operating in India since many years. Their antiseptic products have been catering the needs of the people since ages. In fact dettol is one of the world's most trustworthy brands manufacturing products in relation to health and safety. The company scores high in its after-sales service that makes it one of the most popular brands. If you buy a product from Dettol, you will not regret the purchase.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the sanitizer is very easy. You must keep in mind that the lid of the sanitizer should be closed after every use. This will prevent the sanitizer from evaporating and increase its longevity. Dettol promises durability. Their products last long. Make sure you take the correct amount of sanitizer on your hand and neither less nor more.

Key Features

Compact size

Kills 99.99% germs

Rinse free

Non sticky

Features: Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer | Acid Green 927 - 200ml

  • CATEGORY : Hygiene Needs
Product Details
Manufacturer Dettol
Manufacturer Part Number Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer | Acid Gre
Brand Dettol
Target Gender Female
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Month Seller Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects Only

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  1.  The mini powerful dettol liquid 9 April, 2015 On
    Dettol is one of the oldest and brand company in the field of skin and personal health care.we all uses dettol products in our provides safety to our skins and our skins are protected very much from the external dust particles.this dettol cool soap is very nice .after wash you feel very cool in hot day .the hand wash product I uses daily protects my hand from micro insects.i that all must have dettol hand wash .the cost is not so high but the protection is very high and necessary.
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