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EPA3 Development Administration (IGNOU Help book for EPA-3 in English Medium)

EPA3 Development Administration (IGNOU Help book for EPA-3 in English Medium)

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Overview: EPA3 Development Administration

The book EPA3 Development Administration for IGNOU is a very useful book for distance learning students who have opted for course on development, planning and administration. It is one of the popular books used by IGNOU students since it gives the students an overview on the evolution, concepts, scope and significance of the subject of development administration. Used widely by a large number of students all over, this book discusses ideas about the systems needed to carry out public policies, programmes and projects for social and economic development. Finally, this book discusses in depth topics such as the socio-economic development of the country since independence, mixed economy model, planning commission and the national development council, state, district & grass roots planning, public sector development, public enterprise, decentralisation, etc.

This is a fantastic book for IGNOU students since every aspect of the subject such as the need for development administration, goals of development, role of bureaucracy, evolution & emerging patterns of Panchayti Raj, etc. are written in detail. The book also includes previous years' question paper to help student understand the format and types of questions that can be asked. IGNOU or the Indira Gandhi National Open University, run by the central government of India, is a wonderful gift to students who wish to pursue studies but are unable to do so due to work or other commitments and time constraints. It is also useful for those students who come from the disadvantaged segments of the society. Apart from providing students with most recent information and up-to-date knowledge bank, IGNOU involves teaching, research, training and assessments making it very significant and beneficial to students pursuing distance education.

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Binding Unknown Binding
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