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Dhasmesh Mobile Accessories Matte Flip Case Cover For Motorola Moto G (Black) With Screen Guard

Dhasmesh Mobile Accessories Matte Flip Case Cover For Motorola Moto G (Black) With Screen Guard

Compatible Devices Motorola Moto G
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Product Description

Phone protection is become very important these days as the use is become rough. Investing so many rupees in a phone will make us fear of any breakage or harm to the device. Thus flip covers and screen protectors take away our worry of any phone damage.

About the flip cover

The flip cover is specially designed for Moto G. It comes in black color. The flip cover protects the back panel of the phone as well as the front display of Moto G. It is specially made for Moto G and will not fit in any other phone models. The cover is made with high end quality for a long lasting life. It is durable and will last long even with rough usage of the flip cover. The flip cover is made in premium quality. The flip cover has a front flap. The microfiber lining on the inner side will prevent the phone from getting scratched. This also helps the phone from dust, bumps, physical pressure etc. It protects the breakage of phone while falling. The phone has a very safe and longer life because of the flip cover.

How to use flip cover

The back panel of the Moto G phone needs to be removed. Instead of the back panel you need to fix the back part of the flip cover to your phone. This cover will clip on to the back of the phone in a similar way like that of the back panel. In this way the cover replaces the back of your phone. It not only protects the back of the phone but the flip cover's front side also protects the screen of your phone.

About the screen guard

The matte screen protector is a sheet with matte surface to be attached on the mobile screen for protecting it from physical damage. It is very useful for keeping the phone away from scratches. The matte surface will reduce the glare by decreasing the contrast and color intensity under dimly lit conditions. The scratch guard prevents UV radiation. The screen protector is specially made for the phone model of Moto G

How to apply the Matte screen protector

To apply the screen guard you need to first clean the screen. Use a clean and dry cloth to remove the grease and dust accumulation from the screen. The dust and dirt particles will cause air bubbles on the screen after sticking the screen guard. It is necessary to clean the screen thoroughly. Now slowly align the screen guard and place it on the screen of your phone. Use a credit card or any similar product to remove all the air bubbles from the screen guard. Your phone is now ready with the matter screen guard over it. Do not touch the screen guard adhesive with fingers. Do not keep the screen guard sheet exposed to air for a longer time.

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Product Details
Brand Dashmesh Shopping
Model Number Moto G
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices Motorola Moto G

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  1.  Not Bad ! 2 April, 2014 On
    While the product was good value for the money paid on the product, one downside what i was was that typically I expect the magnetic nature of flip cover so that it sticks to the phone on closing, which was missing in this. If you really are keen about that, then I think this is not the right product. If you just want a cover, this can serve the purpose.
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