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The Diary Of Amos Lee: 4: Lights, Camera, Superstar!

The Diary Of Amos Lee: 4: Lights, Camera, Superstar!

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Hachette India Local
About the Book: The Diary of Amos Lee 04: Lights, Camera, Superstar! Something bizarre has happened - my diaries have been STOLEN! Who could have taken them?! I have a sneaking suspicion its one of my fans. Yes, I have fans now, HORDES of them! I know the thief has even published my diaries online! My fan mail just keeps pouring in. My Facebook page too has been buzzing with activity. I have 5,000 friends now! FINALLY, life looks like its turning around! Whats even better, a TV director has even offered to adapt my diaries into a TV SHOW! Imagine that! I should be jumping with joy, right? But whats really ridiculous is when I found out that another boy has been chosen to play the lead role-mine! I must find a way to stop this! I am the ONE and only Amos Lee. If I dont get to play ME, then no one can. About the Author: Adeline Foo Adeline Foo lives in Singapore with her husband and three children. Shes a childrens book author, with 16 published books.
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