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Differential Calculus

Differential Calculus

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Language English
Contributor(s) Narayan Shanti, Mittal P.K.
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Differential Calculus

Differential Calculus by Shanti Narayan and P.K. Mittal is one of the best resources to master the subject of Differential Calculus. The book is composed of five hundred and fifty five pages and published by Pearson India. This particular book is a master piece when it comes to computer science and it is widely used by engineering and graduation students, a lot of post graduate students also use this book for reference. The book explains the concepts in a crystal clear manner along with examples. The language is English and easy to follow however slightly technical in nature. This book is basically meant for those who are into computer application. It deals with formal language, the automata theory and computation complications. The book also offers theoretical applications and the book also has a test which can be answered online to understand where one stands. There are quizzes in the book which must be attempted. The book does a great job of adding perspectives. Many of the ideas presented here are new and based on latest findings and innovations. The book also has practice tests and there are online assignments. The book covers the topics like real numbers, tangents, singulars points, curvature, mean value theorem, repeated derivatives and concavity. It is one book that should suffice any mathematics lover to master this subject. It covers all the topics in great detail and provides with great input to deal with mathematical issues in this field. For the in-depth knowledge of students pursuing serious mathematical studies, this book is the must to have. It is respected by not only the students but also by the great academicians in this field. The book was published in 1942 and it is its thirtieth edition, the track record of the book speaks for itself and does not need any introduction regarding it. It is one of the hot favourites to own among the mathematics lovers and surely will never ever disappoint anyone. It is published by one of the biggest indigenous publishers named S Chand & Co. Ltd who are well acclaimed for their academics books. The book is available on ISBN 10: 8121904714 and ISBN 13: 9788121904711.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date March 1, 2005
Publisher S Chand
Contributor(s) Narayan Shanti, Mittal P.K.
Binding Paperback
Edition 30th Revised edition
Page Count 572
ISBN 10 8121904714
ISBN 13 9788121904711
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 15 cm x 24 cm
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