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Digital Concepts Digital Camera w/ 3 Faceplates (27290)

Digital Concepts Digital Camera w/ 3 Faceplates (27290)

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Product Description

Faceplates are any type of metal or plastic plate that is designed to fit over any kinds of device to enhance its functionality. There are many types of consumer electronics such as cell phone, iPods and even cameras for which you can buy faceplates. Usually they are snap on plates that can change the look of a device. Moreover, it offers you to change the design of a device that suits your personality and lifestyle. If you are tired of boring digital camera you can jazz it up with a touch of style. Some manufacturer also provides faceplates with their camera that typically comes with a variety of colors.

There is a variety of camera faceplates available in the market that is interchangeable so that you can match your outfit with your favorite color and with other electronic devices. Furthermore, with these faceplates you can personalize your camera so that it can reflect your favorite brands, interest or hobbies. Just select a stylish pattern such as gumballs and click a removable faceplate onto the front of your digital camera. When selecting a faceplate you must purchase the exact faceplate according to the model so that it can fit perfectly to your camera.

Sakar's Digital Concepts Digital Camera w/ 3 Faceplates:

If you want a stylish camera with great accessories then Sakar Digital Concepts digital camera w/3 faceplate is the right choice for you. By using a faceplate you can truly shape your camera according to your wants that also makes the model more pocket friendly. People may get confused over different types of the same item that they want to buy. This is why, before buying such type of product you should know about them beforehand so that you can buy it with confidence. As there are cameras that are good for life but there are those products too that can create confusion than giving a solution.

However, if you want to solve this issue you can simply opt for Sakar Digital Concepts Digital Camera with three faceplates. To explore your camera more and more you can find this product a huge help to you. It is highly advisable that you should buy this product because it is harmless and is dedicated to match with your requirements. The company belief to give you products that is both safe and reliable. If you are looking for a camera that offer different kind of styles then this one is right for you. It is specially designed to satisfy people who need additional items to decorate their digital camera.

The Digital Concepts Digital Camera is different from others not only because it has undergone many researches but because of the care with which the product is made. You will get a great service by using this product that you didn't get in other similar products. Moreover, it is also affordable and suitable for anyone's pocket due to its reasonable price. You can get detailed information on this product by searching for it that can give you more insight. Moreover, there is no limitation to utilize this product that can make your life more interesting and amazing.

The Overview:

The Sakar's Digital Concepts Digital Camera w/ 3 faceplates is easy to use and shoot videos that come with a preview screen. Digital Concepts is offering you with its amazing digital camera that allows you to take 79 photos quickly. Moreover, you can share your photos with your friends and family by downloading and editing the photos back into the USB port. With stop-motion animation you can make your world more alive. The PhoTags Express offers the easy use of digital photo software featuring Active Captions Technology.

It offer Photo Management to manage your photos, share your photos, add active captions and create printable calendars, greeting cards and post cards on standard photo paper. The camera has a resolution of the VGA 640 x 480, USB port, 16-bit color display adapter that requires 2 AAA batteries. The package comes with a digital camera with 1 year warranty, PhoTags CD-ROM software, USB cable connector, Wearable neck strap, user manual and two faceplates.

Product Features

  • VGA Resolution
  • Includes preview screen
  • Takes up to 152 Photos
  • Includes X internal memory
  • Includes SnapShots Activity Software
Product Details
Manufacturer Sakar International Inc.
Brand Sakar
Model Number 27290
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Digital Zoom 1x
Display Size 1.1 inches
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 25.9 cm x 19.6 cm x 3 cm

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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