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Dining Table Set with 6 Chairs Solid Wood - Striped
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Dining Table Set with 6 Chairs Solid Wood - Striped

Brand Royal Oak
Model Number ZROYATFYODK15
Assembly Required Yes
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Overview: Dining Table Set with 6 Chairs Solid Wood - Striped

Are you looking for a beautifully designed dining table for six people? Then the Dining Table Set with 6 Chairs Solid Wood - Striped, manufactured by the Royal Oak is just the thing for you. This trendy and sleek dining table saves the space as the design is not at all space consuming and gaudy. Hence this dining table is the right thing for family as well as those people who still believe in the idea of togetherness. Therefore just place the order before this set gets out of stock.

Features or design

This elegant dining set includes one dining table and six chairs made of rubber wood. It comes in dark brown color that is sleek and elegant at the same time. The dining table comes in rectangular shape and is completely devoid of any sort of gaudy design. The seat base of the chairs are made of MDF that is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. The seat base of the chair has a warm dark finish fabric upholstered seats with foam filling. The design of the chairs coordinates beautifully with the sleek and simple dining table. This designer dining table is made for six people. Often the dining set made for four or more people are made in the way that they consume space in an unaesthetic way. But this dining set because of its minimalistic design is space saving and because of its modern and trendy look it will never look out of place and will never spoil the beauty of your interior. The dimension of this set 452 cm x 225 cm x 70 cm and the net weight of this set is 65.5 kg. The weight confirms the easy to mobilize feature of this dining set. But you do not need to worry about the potential of this set because of its light weight. The sleek but solid rubber wood body of the dining set ensures the strength that it possesses. Hence one does not need to worry about the longevity of the set. Some important measurement of the set: Table length 4Ft11In Breadth 2Ft11.5In Height 2Ft5In Chairs length 1Ft8In Breadth 1Ft5In Height 3Ft3In Height of the Seat from Floor 1Ft6In Height of the Backrest from Seat 1Ft9In.

Interiors for the Dining set

The dining set follows the contemporary design which fulfills the taste of a modern household. Although the design is such that it can suit any modern interior, yet some suggestion might come in handy. This dining set should be placed in the dining space or if the dining space is shared with the drawing room i.e. if the living room has no drawing dining divide then the placement of the dining set can create the feel of a separated drawing dining space. If you do not want to create the drawing dining divide then you can go ahead and place it in the middle of the living room, if the living room is small in size. This alone can change the look of the whole living area.


This dining set is manufactured and designed by ROYAL OAK FURNITURE INDIA LLP-B2B. The brand Royal Oak designs and manufactures premium quality furniture. Hence you do not need to worry about the longevity of your prized dining set. Because of the smooth surface of the rubber wood you can wipe any kind of marks or stains easily. But always keep in mind, while wiping any stains, that only dry clothes should be used for this purpose. Do not use wet clothes. Tissue paper can also be used for this purpose. Also you have to be cautious so that you do not put any hot utensils directly on the dining table. Always remember to use some pot holders before you put something on the table. Another important thing is to position the furniture in the proper place. The dining set should be placed in the way so that direct sunlight and heat do not affect your furniture. This dining set is easy to move and easy to maintain in the household with children as the rubber wood body is soft and is safe with children. Shop online today for this dining set!

Features: Dining Table Set with 6 Chairs Solid Wood - Striped

  • Shape : Rectangular
Product Details
Manufacturer Royal Oak
Brand Royal Oak
Model Number ZROYATFYODK15
Colour Name Dark brown
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Assembly Required Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 65.5 kg
Product Dimensions 452 cm x 225 cm x 70 cm

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