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Diving & Snorkelling

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Snorkelling can simply be about taking a deep breath and then going underwater for a short swim or for observation. Diving differs in a way that where diver uses breathing equipment (oxygen tank) to help stay below the water surface for an extended period of time. So shop online before an adventurous trip and choose from snorkelling backpacks, diving fins, diving masks, diving packages, diving suits, dry boxes, duffels, roller bags, snorkelling packages and snorkels. Such diving and snorkelling equipments are offered by retailers specialising in selling sports goods online at best prices.

Snorkelling requires the diver to maintain the free end of the snorkel above the water surface for unimpeded air flow (the other end is clamped in the mouth). Some form of eye protection, e.g. through a half face mask or goggles, is also recommended. For those unaccustomed to swimming or diving, bubble armbands provide additional safety. All these are standard equipment brought out by such brands as Tribord. Buy Tribord - GOGGLE CAP PACK |PINK online for your diving endeavours. You can find these and other brands on Junglee, a site that also lets you compare different sellers and the prices offered.

Depending on the nature of your dive, you may need to wear fins to help you move through the water, and in the event you are into underwater exploration, you may need a case or a duffel bag to carry your tools with you. While Tribord manufactures most regular snorkelling equipment, as also duffels, another equipment maker, Pelican offers a range of high-end, customized cases for carrying tools. Both of these brands can be found on Junglee. You can compare prices on Junglee as a host of sellers display their products here.