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Dog Whistle
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Dog Whistle

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About Dog Whistle

Want to train your favourite pooch and get him to obey your commands? Then this Dog Whistle from Scoobee is one of the perfect and cost-effective training & behaviour aid among the other pet care products. It is used widely by professional dog trainers, as well as dog owners. Much more effective than voice commands, the sound of a whistle travels over a longer distance and can be easily picked up by your dog. Having a trained pet is a thing of pride for many, as a well-behaved canine can be the best status symbol one can have. You can shop online for canine training & behaviour aids, and compare their prices on Junglee for the best deals.

Besides, dogs need to be trained and disciplined so that they do not cause any disturbance or harm to you, your neighbours and passersby. Use this dog whistle to train your dog to chase, sit still, not bark, and come to you. Canines can also be trained for championship performances and dog shows, as well as competitions. There are many more things that you can train your favourite pet to do, using this whistle.

Made from aluminium, this whistle is durable and designed to serve you for years to come. It measures 1.9 inches in length and comes in a variety of colours. The ring at the end of the whistle allows you to add it to a key chains or key rings. Dogs have a much keener sense of hearing as compared to humans, and your pooch will get used to the sound of this whistle in no time. Choose from the options available on pet supplies online and compare prices online before you choose the best deal on Dog Whistles. So go ahead teach him tricks and get him to lovingly obey your commands. At the end of the training, feed him a treat and your beloved pet is all ready to make you proud!

Product Description

Dog Whistle is here to help you in better managing your beloved pooches. The whistle is made from high-quality material and is not only very attractive but also functional. Its design ensures you get clear and loud audio from it with minimal effort. It helps you in training your dog in the most efficient manner. Enhance your productivity and fun with the help of this exquisitely designed whistle.

High UtilityDog Whistle is helpful for you to get your dog follow your commands. It is a helpful companion if you are looking to train your beloved pet. Training a pet is an important part as it ensures that your dog behaves at its best and does not create nuisance for others. This whistle from Scoobee lets you perform this task in an easy and more efficient way. This product is also widely used by professional trainers. Using a whistle is more proficient than using voice commands to direct your dog. It can cover the longer distance and the voice can be easily distinguished by the dogs. Help your canines become more well behaved with the help of this training whistle. The whistle can be used to command the dog to sit down or stop barking. It can also tell the pet to chase or run. The whistle is also well suited for training the dogs for championships and competitive sports. Its loud and clear sound is easy to be picked up by the dog.

Stylish DesignDog Whistle is an attractive looking dog training device and is available in various colours. It is made from high-quality aluminum and is highly durable. It is resistant to rust. The whistle is also easy to carry and store as it can be easily attached to a key ring or key chain. Its functional design enhances its productivity. Dogs have sharper hearing capacity, and hence the voices produced by this whistle are easily distinguished by your pet. You can teach various tricks to your beloved dog with the help of this whistle. Make your dog the best behaving pooch with this whistle. To get this product, you can place the order online.

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     sound ur pet 30 December, 2013 On
    this is a superb whistle....for dogs,,,,
    we often have problems calling our dogs when we are at a big location or when are out at a picnic...
    this can help us get the attention of our dogs any were we dont have to keep screaming ...very cheap price for a very useful product...
    keep yourself and your pet happy...
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