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Dolphin 10 Liter RO Water Purifier

Dolphin 10 Liter RO Water Purifier

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Overview: Dolphin 10 Liter RO Water Purifier

A quest for clean drinking water is the basic essential for life . Water borne diseases are the most common factors for the ill health of the human population world wide . it is the water , the drinking water which is the problem area for many governments of the world . Most of the places due to their geographical locations are not able to supply plain clean drinking water to the masses. Even in the house holds, the plain drinking water is available in scarcity. The traditional methods of attaining pure drinking water involve traditional methods of water filtration or may be to an extent boiling. the subsidizing of the domestic gas has added to the woes of the boiling of water for drinking . And most of the water filters that are available for domestic use are of steep prices and beyond the affordability of the common man .

It is for this reason the dolphin water filter is just the right option for the common middle class family . at an affordable price , this machine filters water of all the impurities and maintain the basic health conditions in most of the families . Widely successful, this water heater functions on the reverse osmosis of the water filtration. Reverse osmosis is the sure shot way of obtaining the clean drinking water. Sourced on electricity, this water filter is very economical in usage of electricity. With a capacity of ten liters, it can easily suffice the needs to drinking water quantity for an average family if refilled twice in a day . the equipment used in this filter is of high quality and does not compromise on quality of water being poured out . The maintenance and the spare parts are easily available in the market and the retailers also provide easy yearly AMCs for easy maintenance and repair. The activated carbon removes all the major impurities of water. Further cleansing is done by the durable membranes of the Dolphin water filter .It removes visible impurities, dust and sand and sediment impurities from the load of water to be filtered. The water filtered out of this machine does not retain the smell of chlorine which is commonly found in the other water filters due to the activated carbon in the machinery of the filter. The RO membrane also removes the hardness of the water, thus giving the water a sweet taste while drinking.

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Dolphin water filters have been in the market for a very long time and the customers trust the efficiency of the water filter . Apart from this one , there are many other models depending upon the specific needs of the customers , which are available for sale on retains the choice of products being displayed for sale on the website and only the durable products are shown. Order now and gift your house hold the joy of clean hygienic water . brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Features: Dolphin 10 Liter RO Water Purifier

  • BNQS Pump 75 GPD
  • Micro TFC Membrane 10LPH
  • SMPS Adaptor
  • Inline Filter Set
  • Solid Wide Wall

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