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Dolphin Infrared Massager (Red) - H7Bm6

Dolphin Infrared Massager (Red) - H7Bm6

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Overview: Dolphin Infrared Massager

Most Powerful Dolphin Massger.Like a professional massage masterThis powerful massager penetrates into your Deep muscle layers, increases your blood circulation and oxygenation.Consequently, vibrates away muscle knots, and releases sustained toxins.You will feel the immediate relief after only a short time treatment.Consistent and acute massage treatment has been proved to be an effective for reducing fat FEAUTURESStimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy.Promotes blood circulation and body metabolism.Applicable for physiotherapy of all the parts of the bodyRelaxes muscles from tiredness and the pain of nerveWith speed adjusting functionTwo Massage Adjustment for your selection.Streamlined design, light and niceDolphin style can massage every part of our bodyReduces pains caused by fatigue or rheumatismEliminates spasm in the shoulder and Lower BackRelaxes the muscles and eliminates pain caused by rigorous sporting activity
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Manufacturer Zenon

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