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Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr

Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr

Colour White
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Overview: Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr

With Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr you can give a treat to all members of your family with wholly natural and healthy gourmet ice cream, stimulating fruit sorbets, healthy and delicious frozen yogurt, or non-dairy and creamy soy desserts. And you have the satisfaction of doing all this, in a mere 20 minutes or even less with only a few simple, necessary ingredients and the Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr.

And now you are in for the surprise of your life: to do all this, it is not at all necessary for you plug in this ice cream maker to any point electricity. And you don�t need any ice or salt either. Now you must be asking yourself, how is that possible? All the work will be done by the freezer bowl and the accompanying paddle! The Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr comprises of the patented Chillfast cylinder, as also the freezer cylinder holder that functions as extra insulation.

Thus, the process of making ice cream with The Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr is simplicity itself. You just put in the ingredients, turn the crank occasionally for 20 minutes or so and everything is ready. Then place the freezer bowl of the unit into the freezer of your refrigerator and keep it there for around 7 hours to completely freeze the liquid that is present between the walls of the ice maker. Then take out the bowl, place it within the outer case, ingredients go into the bowl, the paddle also goes into the bowl, lock the transparent top in place, and turn the crank. This results in one litre of yummy ice cream, frozen drinks, sorbet, and frozen yogurt or whatever you prefer.

Since the blade is made of aluminium you can always clean it easily; the top and outer cases are food grade plastic and can be wiped clean. And as there is no motor involved there is only minor wear and tear and so The Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr will go on working perfectly!

Features: Donvier Ice Cream Maker 1ltr

  • Requires no electricity ice or salt Patented Chillfast cylinder Double-walled freezer cylinder holder No warranty provided
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Product Dimensions Diameter x Height 21.59 x 24.13 cm Package Dimensions Length x Width x Height 23.36 x 23.36 x 26.92 cm
Product Details
Manufacturer Donvier
Manufacturer Part Number ZSALLNBGEG572
Brand Donvier
Model Number 837409W
Colour White
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 450 grams
Product Dimensions 22.4 cm x 21.6 cm x 23.6 cm

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