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Double Dork Diaries: Books 1 and 2

Double Dork Diaries: Books 1 and 2

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Simon & Schuster

She is clumsy, gawky and no way close to the likes of a popular girl; Nikki Maxwell is a dork. Much more dorkiness goes on in her head than what one can see in her behaviour. Double Dork Diaries: Books 1 and 2 has recorded the beginning of the tale of all her clumsiness and stupid but amusing behaviour. It is a special edition- a collection of the first two books from the Dork Diaries series. Written by Rachel Renee Russell, the series is a favourite of young school girls, and has been translated into 28 different languages.

14-year old Nikki is not at all comfortable being around the wealthy girls, who always come decked up, even to school. Unfortunately, her father put her in a school filled with such girls. Making her life miserable is the most popular girl of the school, MacKenzie, who has tagged her with the name "dork". The worst thing is that they are locker-neighbours. MacKanzie always comes in Nikkis way and spoils everything for her. Nikki tries to participates in a ... See more

Nikki has made two friends, and now also has a crush on one of her schoolmates, Brandon Roberts. Her hopes to go on a Halloween dance shatters when she overhears the rumour of Brandon taking MacKanzie out. Having no dance partner, she has to join the dance clean-up committee with her two friends and help her little sister at a ballet class. But bad things do not always happen with this dork. On Halloween night, she ends up juggling three tasks. To find out the third task, you have got to read the diaries.

Rachell Renee Russell is an American children's writer with millions of Dork Diaries' copies having been sold in 32 countries. Some of her other famous books are the third book, Tales from a Not-so-Talented Pop Star, and the fourth book, Skating Sensation... See less

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