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Down To Earth Cumin Whole, 500g

Down To Earth Cumin Whole, 500g

Brand Down to Earth
Product Weight 500 grams
Item Package Quantity 1
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Product Description



Whole organic cumin from Down To Earth will help you make your move from inorganic to organic food. This spice has been grown free of any pesticides and genetic modifications. Organic food is not just healthy, but it also tastes better. Your curries, spiced with organic cumin, will be more flavourful than before. Organic farming also protects the environment and the health of farm workers, while also helping you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Product Description

These organic whole cumin seeds, widely known as jeera, have an excellent aroma. The spice's warm and earthy flavour will fill up your kitchen when you cook. This food item is certified organic as per international standards of EU, USDA, and India NPOP. This means that the cumin is totally free of chemicals, pesticides, adulteration, and bioengineering. Cumin is known to treat diarrhoea and dyspepsia. It also acts as a stimulant, and a carminative. This unique spice consists of high levels of iron, which is great for your body. Since Down To Earth's product is organic, all the nutritional value is retained. By using this spice, you will not only make tasty food, you will also make healthy food.

Directions For Use

These organic cumin seeds can be used as a spice in a wide range of Indian dishes. You can also it when making dishes of other cuisines like Mexican, Middle Eastern, and North African.

Product Features

This product is 100% organic.

The package weighs 500 grams.

It is free of pesticides and chemicals.

It has not been genetically modified.

It is certified as per international standards.

The spice is healthy and flavourful.

It is high in nutritional content.

You can use when cooking Indian and international cuisines.

Product Features

  • Cumin whole, widely known as Jeera
  • This product has excellent smell along with superior taste
  • Warm aromatic flavor
  • Helps in digestion and stimulates the appetite
Product Details
Brand Down to Earth
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 500 grams

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