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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

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Language English
Contributor(s) Stieg Larsson
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

The Millennium Series, also known as Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy is a series of three best-selling books by Steig Larsson. Larsson started writing the series casually, for his own pleasure, and did not make any attempts to get them published. It was shortly after he passed away in 2004, when the manuscripts of the three novels were discovered and were published gradually, first in Swedish and then in English. The three crime novels are titled in English as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, followed by The Girl who played with Fire, and finally, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's nest - and you will get all three books in this box set. The author won a number of awards for this trilogy. In 2009, Larsson was awarded an Anthony award and a Galaxy British Book award for the first book of the series. This edition of the Millennium Trilogy was published by Quercus, on 22nd September, 2010.

In the introductory volume, Henrik Vanger, a wealthy industrialist, hires journalist Mikael Blomqvist to investigate the disappearance of Harriet, Vanger's great niece. While investigating the case, Mikael figures out that this is not a single event, but a part of a series of murders, in the family. By chance, he meets Lisbeth Salander, a vengeful young woman who avoids social interactions and is proficient in hacking. In the second novel, Lisbeth is accused of a triple murder. Though her fingerprints have been found on the weapon, Mikael is not ready to believe her to be the criminal and tries desperately to prove that she is not guilty, using all his resources. While doing so, Mikael comes to know about Lisbeth's past which is abusive and full of traumatizing experiences. In the third novel, Lisbeth is severely injured and needs immediate surgery. However, she is determined to take revenge against the men who made an attempt to kill her and also against the government, which ruined her life.

Stieg Larsson books are known for their enthralling plots and engaging narrative style. All the three novels of this series have been made into Swedish films and a Hollywood adaptation has been made of the first book, starring Daniel Craig. All three books are in English. The ISBN 10 for this edition is 085738371X and the ISBN 13 is 9780857383716.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date September 22, 2010
Publisher Quercus
Contributor(s) Stieg Larsson
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 085738371X
ISBN 13 9780857383716
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