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USB 2.0 to IDE 2.5 Hard Disk Drive HDD Aluminium External Case Enclosure 500GB Max Capacity
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USB 2.0 to IDE 2.5 Hard Disk Drive HDD Aluminium External Case Enclosure 500GB Max Capacity

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Product Description

Now save all your valuable digital files in an organised and safe way by using this carefully designed USB HDD case. The specialty of this premium quality HDD case is that it will store different types of data in a proper way. The smart design of this HDD case allows you to keep your valuable data for years. Now instead of buying uncountable CDs, you can simply save your important data to in one place and can access them whenever you require. Along with using this device with your computer, you can connect this hard disk drive to view and transfer files from other computing devices as well.

Material and Design

This exclusively designed external case from Sanoxy has been designed from premium quality Aluminium material. This use of aluminium material makes this HDD case long lasting and lightweight. The designers ensures that the case will remain unaltered when you are using it for hours. Along with using this in your office or home, the lightweight design of this handy case allows you to carry it comfortably while travelling. This USB hard disk case comes with a memory of 500GB. This presence of mammoth memory facilitates you to save numerous files in it. Be it a movie or an spreadsheet, now you can store them all by using this Aluminium case.

Being loaded with special USB port, you can use this HDD case to transfer files from laptop, desktop and other USB port enabled devices. This 500GB hard disk case is compatible with the operating systems like MAC OS 8.6 or above. If you are using Windows as the operating system, then also you can connect and transfer your valuable files in it. The smart design of this HDD case supports the MKS Windows Vista/XP/2000 versions. Designers have incorporated a LED power indicator to facilitate the user to view the file transferring status without removing this device.

This case is compatible with USB 2.0 ports. It means that you can connect this USB HDD with a wide range computing devices. The user friendly design of this case facilitates the user to use it comfortably and easily. The device measures around 4. 5cm x 2. 5cm x 0. 43cm, which allows the user to carry it comfortably in your pocket or bag. Along with this, the slim design of this HDD enables you to carry it easily. You can use it directly to save various files directly from internet.

The 480MB/s data writing or transferring speed of this HDD enables the user to transfer many data in a short time. Simply connect it with your computing device and enjoy the a fast data transferring experience. Simply connect this HDD with your device and enjoy smart and fast data sharing experience at anytime. This fast data transferring device is compatible with the IDE hard drives. Now designers are including special HDD case with this hard drive . It facilitates the user to keep the HDD in a safe way. If you want to connect this device with your SATA drive, then you need to opt for SATA connectors. While you are using this hard disk drive with your Windows ME/982nd, you need to download the software driver. To access this device you need to use an external power cable. It will automatically start to work once it is connected with the computer.

How to maintain

To maintain this high quality HDD for years, you need to keep it inside the HDD case while not using. Along with this, you need to connect it with the operating systems which have been suggested for this device. If you want to get this user-friendly, lightweight device at your doorstep, buy USB HDD Aluminium case online.

Special Features

This device measures around : 4.5cm x 2.5cm x 0.43cm

This drive has 500GB memory

You can use it with 2.5 IDE hard drives

Being made from Aluminium material it remains unaltered even when it is in use for hours

You can store different types of data in it

This drive is compatible with MS Windows Vista/XP/2000

Software Driver Download is required for Windows ME/982nd

This drive comes with a writing rate up to 480MB/s

Lightweight and user friendly

No external power cable is required


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