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Dry fruits are a must have for the young and the old as well. They are a great source of vitamins and nutrients and they are also a great way to kill your mid meal hunger. If you are going on a trip and wish to carry something more handy and edible to make your journey much exciting then here are some dried fruits that you must keep in your bag. You can shop Dry Fruit Basket's Dry Fruits Potlis (100 Grams) online.

Dry Fruit Basket is a trustworthy brand. They deal in all kinds of dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, strawberries, apricots, mangoes, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts dipped in chocolate, and so on. You can rely on the brand with all your heart.

As we all know, dry fruits are high in nutrient value too and delicious too. Dry fruits carry the same amount of healthy contents like the fresh fruits. The only difference between the dried and fresh fruits are that the former consists of nil percentage of water content in it and it is therefore available to you in a dry form.

There are different varieties of edible nuts available to you in the pack. There are cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and raisins available in it. The packet is transparent in colour and you clearly see the nuts and raisins. All the dried fruits that are available to you in the pack are of good quality. They are very healthy and can be easily used for preparing various dishes such as halwa, salads, pan cakes, or any other sweet dishes. You can serve these rich nutrient content items with tea or coffee and get ready for a healthy snack time. Get healthy glowing skin in no time. You can easily buy Dry Fruits Potlis online without a second thought.

Items Available In the Box:

The dry fruits are wrapped properly in an easy to carry potli. The potli is again packed properly in a sturdy box. The box is stuffed with papers and thermocol pieces to keep the product in the best condition and away from any kind of travelling hazards. You can easily take out the potli from the box and empty it in a proper glass jar. Keep in mind to use only air tight jars. Air tight jars are a must and this will help the dry fruits to be in the best condition and preserve it for a longer period of time.

Key Points:

Brand - Dry Fruit Basket

Great for health

Easy to carry

Can be preserved for a longer period of time when compared to fresh fruits

Product Details
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Product Weight 100 grams

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