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Duke Men Pack of 2 Polo T-Shirts
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Duke Men Pack of 2 Polo T-Shirts

Brand Duke
Colour Green
Size XXL
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Overview: Duke Men Pack of 2 Polo T-Shirts

Duke brings you an amazing pair of Duke Polo T-Shirts in the contemporary market of men's garment. Being made up of high quality cotton, it provides the users with a great experience.

Style, Material and Design

This amazing Duke Men Pack of 2 Polo T-Shirts is one of a kind product which an interested buyer would grab with immediate effect after having the first look of it. Both of these cool and peppy t-shirts come in contrasting and vibrant shades and are made of high quality material, which would provide the user with the utmost comfort during prolonged hours of usage. This pack is available in XXL size and even interested buyers with large body-builds can avail this amazing pack. One of the t-shirts has royal green as its base colour and catches the eye of everyone around very easily. This short sleeved t-shirt features a collar which is grey in colour. These two contrasting colours create a blend of mesmerising shades which would make the user look stylish in public. The waist line and the arm line are provided with a strip of extension. These extensions are also of the same colour as of the collar and are made of the same material. It evokes a look as if the user is wearing another t-shirt inside the outer one. This is, indeed, a new age trendy style statement never seen or heard of before. The other one of this set of two tees comes in the same size and material. The only difference is that the colours are different. The body is grey in colour while the collar and the arm and waistline extensions are green in colour. These two Duke Polo T-Shirts make a perfect package that a modern day male user would like to flaunt with immediate effect. The popularity of the product has indeed done justice to the brand name and positive feedbacks are coming from men all across the nation. One can shop Duke Men Pack of 2 Polo T-Shirts online and be rest assured of getting the delivery within a matter of few working days and that too at one's doorstep.

Usage, Maintenance and Occasion

One can easily pair up any of these cool collared t-shirts with a pair of jeans and go out for college or hang outs with friends. Since the high quality material ensures quick drying of body sweat, it would provide the user with long hours of comfort. One can also use any of these two t-shirts as sports apparel and wear while going out for morning or evening walks. It can also be worn during hectic sessions while one desires to play outdoor games like football and cricket at a nearby ground. The elasticity of the material would allow the user to freely stretch as per will. The user can allow this pair of Duke Polo T-Shirts to go through a process of normal wash with water at normal temperature. The high quality cotton would allow the garment to dry up quickly after a wash and make it ready for the user to wear it again.

Buy Duke Men Pack of 2 Polo T-Shirts online and flaunt your style statement with a cool set of Duke Polo T-Shirts.

Product Details
Manufacturer Duke
Brand Duke
Colour Green
Size XXL

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