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EA Battlefield 3 Std Edition PC Game

EA Battlefield 3 Std Edition PC Game

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Overview: EA Battlefield 3 Std Edition PC

Developed by EA Digital Illusions CE, Battlefiled 3 is an engaging first-shooter video game. A sequel to Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3 can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.The multi-role campaign

The game allows players to take multiple roles such as a U.S. Marine, tank operator, weapons officer and so on. The locations of the games are set in Iran, New York City and several other places. The protagonists that spur this campaign in the game are Sergeant Henry Blackburn and Dimitri Mayakovsky.

Incredible gameplay

Battlefield 3 Standard Edition is all about combined arms battles. The player modes are single, multiple and co-operative. There is a re-introduction of fighter jets. The game features locales such as Paris, Oman, Kuwait, New York, Tehran and several parts of the Persian Gulf. The maps inbuilt into the game cover streets, gullies, urban, metropolitan, sub-urban areas. The Battlelog feature enables players to engage in a cross-platform social media communication. This feature has inbuilt voice communications, messaging, and statistics about the game. You can join games that friends are playing. For this both players must use the same platform.

The Battlelog social network allows you to challenge a friend, track your performance vis-à-vis other friends and so on. Playing in the cooperative mode allows players to gain points and provide themselves with additional game content which can be utilized when in multiplayer mode.

Multiple players, numerous situations, innumerable thrills

Battlefield 3's multiplayer games allow you to take on a variety of roles. These include support personnel, war engineer, assault officer and recon. The assault category specializes in using assault rifles and healing injured co-personnel. The support category uses light ammunition and artillery. The engineer category focuses on destroying vehicles of the enemy. Weapons have bipods so that they can be deployed in action at suitable locations. It allows for accurate shooting and reconciliation.

The recon category specialises in perching a recon radio so that members of the attacking brigade can spawn this location. Several gaming modes are available such as Squad Rush, Conquest and Rush. You can download extra content packs to play more game modes. You launch the PC version of this game via a browser directly from the Battlelog site. Order the branded video game online.

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  1.  Best game best service 16 September, 2013 On
    In my opinion this is the best game I had ever played . I had played it on ps3 before but this game is so good that I had to buy it on pc as well . Best multiplayer , feels like you are in a real war . This is on of the best sites for ordering stuff
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