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ERGOSTAND LAPTOP COOLING PAD, Fan and USB Adjustable Cooler Stand

ERGOSTAND LAPTOP COOLING PAD, Fan and USB Adjustable Cooler Stand

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Product Description

Laptops are an integral part of our life. We spend a large amount of our time, working on them or spending our leisure time watching movies or listening to music on them. They have become so integrated with our lifestlyles that it is impossible to think of day without them. There are several people who spend most of their day working on their laptops. While some people use tables and chairs, others use it on their bed and couches. However, one most important thing to remember while working on laptops is that the position should be right. If you sitting posture isn't right, it can cause strain on your neck, back and wrists. This may lead to health complications later on. To avoid this, you must ensure that you place your laptop in the right position while working. Another thing is that laptops get heated up during working. To ensure their functioning for a longer period, you must make sure that your device remains cool when you work on it. One easy way to ensure this is to invest in a good quality laptop stand. If you are looking for a laptop stand for your device, check out the Ergostand Notebook Stand, which can be easily bought online.

The Ergostand Notebook Stand and Cooling pad is a must have product for those who spend long hours working on their laptops. This product is made of high quality metal which gives this product strength and durability. It has five different height settings for better viewing angle. If you have been suffering from pain in the neck and wrists because of keeping the laptop in the wrong position, then this is the product for you. It has an ergonomic design which ensures that your laptop is in the right position while you are working. The mesh metal surface of the laptop comes with an in built fan which cools your laptop when you are working. The fan comes with adjustable speeds and you can switch it on and off depending on the environment you are working in. it also has two anti slip props that holds you laptop in place and prevents it from slipping and falling. It can accommodate laptops in the size rage of 9 to 17 inches. Apart from a beautiful design and sturdy body, this laptop stand also has a USB port that allows you to connect your laptop to multiple other devices. It also has two side handles for smart cable management. The rear USB cable clips provided on this stand help you in managing cables better. This stand is lightweight and compact and hence you can carry it with you when you are commuting to work or travelling out of town. This stand allows you to work on your laptop anywhere and anytime, without having to strain your neck and back.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Ergostand, which specialises in laptop stands.

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Product Features

  • Ergonomic design,5 Adjustable angle stand
  • Optimal cooling performance
  • Great compatibility
  • AC Cable management handles
  • 140mm silent fan
Product Details
Manufacturer Ergostand
Manufacturer Part Number Ergostand
Model Number M2

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