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ESCAN Women's Sports Shoes, Blue

ESCAN Women's Sports Shoes, Blue

Brand EScan
Colour Blue
Material Material
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Overview: eScan Blue Shoes

Exercising and taking part in sports again is very good for the health. It supposedly keeps you younger, reduces the risk of terrible diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's- there's a whole host of benefits for good wholesome exercise. Unfortunately, on the flip side there are ways to get injured while doing most sports. You will therefore have to take good care of yourself. Since your legs and feet are arguably the most stressed parts, they need special protection. Fortunately, a good pair of sports shoes will provide your foot with the right support, proper traction on smooth surfaces, and comfortable cushioning. In addition, good running shoes can 'breathe', allow fresh air in and out. This helps aerate your feet, keeping them from smelling and keeps away several nasty foot funguses that result from stinky feet, as well. While many popular brands' shoes seem ridiculously expensive, not all have to be so. EScan is a Russian brand that sells a large amount of cool shoes belonging to quite a varied price range. Their budget shoes, however, are extremely good, and most likely have everything that you need.

EScan's Blue Sports Shoes for Women have all the features that you need to look for in good running or sports shoes. The sole is made of high quality rubber, while the upper section is made of PU and action leather. The shoes are very pretty in a simple, elegant way. They come in a gorgeous shade of sky blue, with white insides and outer soles. This unassuming colour scheme lends the shoes a kind of happy aura, as well as grace. The shoes are lace-up, and not elastic. This is actually convenient because elastic tends to wear out, and your shoes will loosen with time and frequent use. With lace-up shoes, you just need to buy yourself a new pair of laces, which is much easier on the budget. It all boils down to comfort in the end though, and these shoes will definitely provide that. Because when your feet are happy, you are happy too.

Product Details
Brand EScan
Colour Blue
Material Material

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