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OEM Earphone Headset Headphones For Note3/S4/Grand/Tab/iPhone (White)

OEM Earphone Headset Headphones For Note3/S4/Grand/Tab/iPhone (White)

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Product Description

Have you been looking for a real stereo experience? Is the music you hear not talking to you the way it used to? Wait no more and look no further. Music is something that connects people irrespective of their race and nationality. The desire to listen to good music with the best sound quality is a common feeling among majority of the people. If you are a lover of good music, then you surely understand the significance of high quality equipment for playing the music. Without the desired quality of sound, music loses its soul. One of the most renowned music companies in the world, Ks, brings you their brand new OEM Earphone Headset Headphones For Note3/S4/Grand/Tab/iPhone (White).

Convenience and Utility

OEM Earphone Headset Headphones For Note3/S4/Grand/Tab/iPhone is one of the best in its class. Its light weight ensures that it sits lightly on your ears. Its design is awesomely sleek, and hence, doesn't feel bulky once plugged in. It is compatible with all the MP3 players and smart phones. The high quality sound is what separates this headphone from the rest. Its 3.5 mm jack is standard and fits in to any port. Given that most of the ports are 3.5 mm, you should be able to plug-in anytime you want. Coupled with a 9.2 mm dynamic speaker driver behind each earphone, and, an advanced micro audio technology, the headset gives you an unparalleled audio experience. When a call comes in, all you need to do is press the answer key, and you can talk through your phone without engaging your hands. Now whether you are driving through a congested lane, or cruising on a highway, driving will certainly feel less risky. The head set comes in a colour that will never go out of fashion, i.e. White. Now you can wear it on your way to office and fight your Monday morning blues with the help of some soulful music, or, you can groove and set the tone right for the party you are about to arrive in. In case you are wondering about the sound clarity, you can be rest assured that a HD voice enabled pair of headphones will deliver your music with excellent clarity. The audio quality is crystal clear, and being the music lover that you are, you will surely appreciate the adjustment of the bass and treble in the system. The soft covered ergonomic earpieces makes you feel comfortable even when you are on a music break over an extended period of time. The balance and the mid-range is adequate. However, the feature that will probably impress you the most is the noise isolation. Hence, even when you are enjoying your music on a lower volume, the sound quality will not be compromised. The un-proportional ear piece wires won't fall of easily. Though the wires look delicate, they are built in a way that the can sustain rough usage for a very long time. Be it a movie, or a game, the prime you experience will always be as great as the music. This headphone is highly effective even when you are making video calls. Now be it a video conference relating to work while you are on a vacation, or a video call withy your loved one from a different city, you do not need to worry about the sound anymore. Being highly compatible, you can also plug in the headset to your laptop or desktop, and enjoy the high quality digital print of the latest movies that you purchased. The theatre like surround sound will take you to the world that you wish to find yourself in. So what are you waiting for? Shop online and be a proud owner of the brand new KS OEM Earphone Headset Headphones For Note3/S4/Grand/Tab/iPhone.


Samsung is a multinational company headquartered in Seoul. The company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. In 2012, Samsung Electronics became the world's largest information technology company measured by revenues. Samsung remains one of the most trusted and preferred brands by customers throughout the world.

 Key Highlights

Ks Hands free

High Quality Sound

Enhanced audio experience

Compatible with all the smartphones and MP3 players

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Brand KS

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