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Edifier USA S550 5.1 Speaker System

Edifier USA S550 5.1 Speaker System

Model Year 2011
Colour Black
Wattage 295 Watts
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Product Description

A good sound system is what one requires to enjoy a visually thrilling movie or a video or a game. If you are a party-lover or simply love to hear every detail of a sound, then having a powerful audio speaker system, the 'Edifier USA S550 5.1 Multimedia Audio Speaker System', will be of great satisfaction. This sound system has a 10-inch subwoofer to add more excitement to your ears. It has got separate bass and treble controllers letting you control every piece of sound that it produces. The audio system has both wired and wireless remote control with an LCD display. With its powerful sound quality, it will be a great deal of amazing audio that quenches your thirst for good music with high sound quality as you watch some action-packed movies or listen to music. You can order online for the multimedia speaker and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Physical Attributes

The Edifier audio system has a subwoofer and five satellite speakers consisting of front speakers and central speakers. The subwoofer is a huge 10-inch system that will blow your mind off. It has a width of 367 mm, height of 397 mm and depth of 489 mm. The subwoofer is supported in producing better sound by the front speaker that is 116 mm wide, 203 mm high and 160 mm thick. The central speaker has a width of 316 mm standing at a height of 117 mm with a thickness of 157 mm. The entire multimedia speaker system weighs approximately 37.40 kg. The entire speaker has a wooden MDF housing making it durable and strong. It also has a rugged look and a strong body that adds a tough look to your room.

Technical Details

The multimedia speaker system from Edifier has a strong total power output of RMS 32 W from each of the five satellite speakers and an RMS 120 W of the subwoofer. The sound system also has different input sensitivity depending on the source, speaker and subwoofer. The input sensitivity of the satellite speakers is 600 mV ± 50 mV for PC and 750 mV ± 50 mV for CD. On the other hand, the subwoofer has an input sensitivity of 300 mV ± 50 mV for PC and 350 mV ± 50 mV for CD. The input audio types that the sound system supports are 5.1 channel RCA input and Auxiliary input. It also has a signal to noise ratio of less than or equal to 85 dBA, thus providing a great sound quality with minimum negligible noise. Moreover, the sound that it produces has less than or equal to 0.5% distortion. The audio speaker system also has a total harmonic distortion plus noise of 10%. The frequency response for the satellite speakers ranges from 150 Hz to 20 kHz, and that of subwoofer from 20 Hz to 120 Hz. The subwoofer is magnetically shielded and has an electrical resistance of 8 ohms. The satellite speakers are also magnetically shielded with an electrical resistance of 4 ohms each.

Remote Control

The multimedia sound system has got both wired and wireless remote control. Both the remote controls have features to control full function EQ adjustment knob, input selection, mute, LCD dimmer and headphone output. One can easily adjust all the controls by looking at the LCD display of the remote control. The system also got separate bass and treble controls. It has also got volume booster for extra power output.

Product Features

A sound system with a 10-inch subwoofer

An audio system that has both wired and wireless remote control with an LCD display

A sound system with MDF housing

A multimedia speaker system from Edifier with a strong total power output of RMS 32 W for each of the five satellite speakers and RMS 120 W of the subwoofer

Sound system with signal to noise ratio of less than or equal to 85 dBA

10% total harmonic distortion and noise

Magnetically shielded sound system with 8 ohms electrical resistance for subwoofer and 4 ohms electrical resistance for each of the four satellite speakers

Product Features

  • 5.1 speaker system with 10 inch subwoofer
  • Wooden MDF housing for all speakers
  • Dual passive radiator to enhance bass performance
  • Magnetically shielded drivers for all speakers
  • Switchable dual input ports for both 5.1 channel and stereo inputs
Product Details
Manufacturer Edifier
Brand Edifier
Model Number S550
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year
Technical Specification
Model Year 2011
Speaker Connectivity Wireless
Wattage 295 Watts
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 37.4 kg
Product Dimensions 49 cm x 36.7 cm x 39.6 cm

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Welcome to the world of real speakers! 22 February, 2013 On
    If any of you don't know what real speakers are, don't buy this!
    This is what I can REAL setup for PC, music, gaming or home theater. Extremely well priced and it is worth every penny you spend on it.
    Again, you can understand the worth of S550 only if you are true audiophile.
    Rating 5 out of 5!!
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