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Ek Villain

Ek Villain

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Language English
Video Format Blu-ray
Genre Romance
Number Of Discs 1
Cricket Syndication Prod
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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Good Movie and acting ! 27 August, 2014 On
    Unlike most of the below average stuff Bollywood unleashes on us every Friday, Ek Villain stands out for its ingenuity: the story is intriguing, the suspense dark and haunting. And, it does not leave you even more confused!

    Ek Villain's premise is simple, almost bordering on the routine : it's a thrilling story of a gangster-turned-good (Siddharth Malhotra) with love and a psycho killer who lives in the guise of an middle-class 'good' man. When the two confront each other, you know what happens. In between, however, Ek Villain offers blood-chilling murders and nail-biting suspense, and that's what makes it worth a watch. If you love suspense dramas, the fast-paced second half will keep you on the edge.

    As for the performances, Siddharth Malhotra tries too hard to get into the character of a typical Bollywood gangster -- one who picked the gun because he was wronged. He looks too innocent to play the character of a man struggling to tame his anger and hatred. In one scene, he walks into a dimly-lit theatre playing Amitabh Bachchan's blockbuster film, Shehanshah, and we couldn't stop comparing the two. Yes, we know, it's unfair comparison, but the fact remains: you need to be the Big B to pull it off.

    Shraddha Kapoor, who plays the love interest of Guru (Siddharth) (an irritating girl who overtly kiddish in her behaviour), does a good job of playing a girl who wants to live her life to the fullest before her life ends due to her illness.

    However, more than Siddharth or Shraddha, it is Riteish Deshmukh who steals the show with a stellar performance. From playing a disgruntled employee who's called "more useless than a xerox machine" to a psycho who goes about killing women who call him "useless" just so that it'd stop him from killing his wife who also calls him thus, Riteish is by far the biggest surprise of this film.
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  2.  Movie without any thrill...and a loose story 25 September, 2014 On
    EK Villain is an Indian romantic thriller film as introduced during its trailer.
    The film is starred by Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh.
    If we read about the content in this movie, it tells the story of "an accustomed criminal whose terminally ill wife is murdered by a serial killer. Then the hero starts to track the killer and tortures him physically and mentally rather killing him ". This completely resembles a true sequel of the Korean movie - "I saw a Devil ".
    But rather being romantic thriller film, its just a romantic kind of film without bringing any thrill kind of feeling. It could not even copied thirty percent of originals correctly. Its just like a frame touching.

    So, what the movie displays :
    An unknown man wearing a hood jacket breaks in to the house, murders Aisha (Shraddha) with a screw driver and throws her out of the window pulling her chain in the neck. - What a weak point is here that killer kills with a screw driver and pulls out the chain...without showing any actual reason and neither even telling the woman..just kills her while her boyfriend Guru (Shiddharth) still on the phone.
    After Aisha's death, a CBI Officer says that police have to track down the killer otherwise Guru would go on killing. - At this part, the CBI Officer says in a poetic kind of style without even displaying any seriousness of a n Officer and acting as if Guru is a world wide celebrity. And later he also misguides Guru that Guru's boss is the one who has killed Aisha.
    Then flashback starts showing Guru meets Aisha who requests him to help her kidnapping someone named baabu. - Now this is the only point where I felt something like thrilling when Guru comes to know that Baabu is actually an aged old man. And Aisha wanted to organize a wedding where she will unite two aged lovers. Really funny point.
    Aisha then reveals that she is suffering from terminal cancer and has a very little chance to survive. Then she shows him the bucket list after which Guru helps her to fulfill most of her wishes. - This point really becomes childish as both of them start to do crazy and girlish activities.
    Guru also takes her to Mumbai to cure her from her deadly illness. After that both of them gets married and Aisha gets pregnant. - This point shows some of the resemblance from the Korean version.
    While on the other side, the movie shows about Rakesh ( Riteish), an unsuccessful man who loves his very much but his wife always ridicules about his dumbness and poorness.
    After being feeling frustrated, he moves out and kills women who speaks him in a rude manner, taking something ornaments kind of objects. And Aisha being the last victim. - So, this point says that the killer is either a mad person or something who could not even listen a point bitter. And as diplayed in the movie, Aisha speaks so much softly that even when she would be abusing somebody, would not mind. But even then he kills Aisha for no such reason.
    Then flashback ends.
    Then shows that Guru finds out that Caesar is not the one who killed Aisha and finally tracks down the killer after seeing the same toy wheel in the hand of a kid which Aisha used to put with her. He asks about the same from that kid and get to know the murderer. Guru beats violently and admits him to the hospital giving him some money when Rakesh was assaulting another victim. And again Guru almost kills him when he was attacking on a nurse with knife.Then revives him giving him an adrenaline shot and sets him free. - This point again matches to the Korean version. But remains unclarified that how Guru tracks him again. As in the Korean version, it is showed that, the hero uses a tracking capsule to track him even what the murderer talks.
    Rakesh then later comes to know Guru's identity and teases Guru over the phone before he kills Aisha's father and surrender himself to the police. Rakesh expects Guru to kill him and wanted to become Hero in the eyes of his wife. Then Guru's boss calls him and says that he has killed Rakesh's wife and tells him to kill his son.
    After hearing this, Rakesh gets angered and attacks on Guru while suddenly he gets hit by a car and dies.
    Guru then adopts Rakesh's son and goes on to complete remaining wishes of Aisha.

    So, from everything in the movie, only some of the parts displays thrill and is a complete romantic kind of movie.
    I recommend everyone who are willing to get thrilling feeling, better go for the Original version "I saw a Devil". It is more interesting, with more humour, action and thrilling.
    Apart from the Songs, rest are just useless.
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