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Ekal Cloth Rack, Double Flap

Ekal Cloth Rack, Double Flap

Brand Ekal
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Overview: Ekal Cloth Rack, Double Flap

The Ekal Cloth Rack which is Double Flap is the answer to all your cloth drying needs. In metropolitan cities due to the restriction of space drying clothes becomes a major issue. Be it a nuclear family of a joint family the problem of where to dry the washed clothes always question which always needs to be answered. Drying clothes out of the window has always been a age old solution but one must agree that it looks very shabby and spoils the whole looks of your house. It is most embarrassing when you have guests. The rack is a simple solution for your clothes drying needs. It is very simple to use and storage is also not a problem. Drying clothes is no longer a balancing act as you try to dry them out of the window. Gone are the days of getting on high chair to dry them on a high strung rope. You no longer have to resort to these antics. All you have to do is use this clothes rack which is a stand made of stainless steel which makes it very strong and therefore long lasting.

This cloth tower is thirty three inches by height the width is sixty six inches and the depth of this rack is 21.5. This cloth rack is not only very convenient to use but it also looks very classy. The space between the bars is not wide and therefore you can dry a large number of clothes. Not only that you can use hangers to dry clothes and hang them on flap provided at the sides of the rack. The summers are one of the most favorable months because clothes dry easily at the same time rainy season is a nightmare, clothes don't dry as easily and keep on piling on each other the whole house transforms into one big clothes heap, all you can see are clothes during everywhere. The Ekal cloth rack with a double flap becomes your best friend during the rainy season as it solves your problem of space immediately. It is a known fact that when clothes are wet they become very heavy. The clothes rack has to be very strong to bear the weight therefore the material out of which it is made is most important.

Plastic is known to bend under heavy weight. That is the precise reason that this shoe rack is made of stainless steel of the best quality. The use of this metal to make the framework of the structure makes it strong and sturdy so that the product becomes long lasting. Its sleek body makes it very convenient to store, in case there are no clothes drying it does not occupy space, it can be easily folded and stored behind a cupboard or under the bed. This sleek, strong and convenient Ekal Cloth Rack with a Double Flap is currently available at a great price at

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Manufacturer Ekal
Brand Ekal

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  1.  Marvellous and inevitable item for every hold. 6 September, 2013 On
    This is an unmatchable item to its of kind available in the market.It is made out of pure stainless steel and does have an elegant look. More closely divided lengthy bars and cross bars accommodate more cloths for drying and hangers can be used on two flaps either side for dried cloths.It occupies less space while on use comparatively with the same item of other make.It can easily be folded and keep beneath the cot like light wight plate.It can with stand weight of wet cloths of about 80 to 90 kg.I have seen the cloth drying stand of celebrations make which is not all stainless steel priced much more than this product.The quoted price is quite reasonable and I appreciate the manufactures introducing this product to the competitive market.Customers like me only will do this product highly popular and marketable in the coming days, because its high quality and reasonable price.Hence I suggest the people willing to purchase a cloth drying stand blindly go for this make.You are assured a best quality product worth to your money
    K P BINJU.
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