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Electric Rechargeable Shaver cum Trimmer for Men

Electric Rechargeable Shaver cum Trimmer for Men

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Overview: Electric Rechargeable Shaver Cum Trimmer For Men

Gone are the days when you had to suffer from cuts and wounds during shaving. The new age shavers today not only protect your skin from injuries but take care of all your grooming needs. These new age shavers are in stark contrast with traditional razors and blades, that bring with them the risk of cuts. Also, these new age shavers have specially designed blades that facilitate closer shaving and smoother skin. If you are planning to buy an electric shaver, check out the options available online. The electric shaver cum trimmer by Generic is a product that is sure to impress you.

The Generic electric shaver cum trimmer is a revolutionary product that will completely change the way you shave. This device uses a high speed liner motor drive to help you get the closest shave in the shortest time. It has a motor speed of 10,000 rpm. This shaver cum trimmers uses a lithium ion battery and an AC voltage of 100-240 V for its operation. It is fitted with stainless steel mesh blades that are effective and durable. The best feature of this product is the torque foil pattern which allows it to trim all hair equally, no matter which direction they are growing in. Once charged, this product can continuously be used for 30 minutes. When fully recharged, it can go on for 12 hours straight.

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