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Electron Portable Power Bank 2600 mAh for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Mp3, Mp4 Players

Electron Portable Power Bank 2600 mAh for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Mp3, Mp4 Players

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Product Description

The new Electron 2600 mAh power bank is a high capacity rechargeable battery you can take with you anywhere! It is a perfectly reliable device to charge your mobile phones and tablets when you run out of battery.

Through the day we use our mobile phone for various things - playing games, watching videos, chatting and calling with friends and even to tell the time! Our dependence on them is so much that we feel incomplete without them. Don't you just hate it when your phone or tablet's battery dies and you do not have access to an electrical point to charge it? It is one of the most frustrating experiences! We've all been there at least once - when needing to make that important call or send that urgent message.

That is why having the Electron Power bank as a standby is such a good idea. With this product you will be able to keep your devices charged at all times. This power bank is compatible with most devices like smart phones, tablets, mobile phones, music players. It is a small price to pay to relieve the tension of having a dead phone at the most inopportune time. It can also play a role in your safety in case you are stuck in a helpless situation.

So portable and small to carry, this product fits in to your stylish lifestyle with ease. You can pack it away in your purse for emergencies or hang it on your backpack or your keys using the attached ring. Another option is to simply carry it in your pocket as it so compact and tiny. The attached USB wire helps to quickly charge your device and can be tucked away when not in use.

So why would you need the Electron Power bank? The decision to buy this item is a no-brainer if you tend to travel a lot. Your devices can be charged anytime, anywhere especially if a power outlet is not available. In case of long road trips, you can access maps and other battery draining apps without any worry. Also if you are stuck on a long flight, this Power bank can keep your tablet charged and you entertained! This will also come in handy if you are in a region facing electricity problems - it works as a backup generator, but for your phone!

The Electron Power bank has a long service life allowing more than 500 charges and discharges. It charges quickly through either a computer USB or an electrical USB. This is one gadget you will wonder how you did so long without.

In addition, this product makes a thoughtful gift for friends. It is a tool which most people don't know they need until they are stuck in a situation where a power bank would have really helped. You can make sure they are always connected to you or have help nearby by having a fully charged phone with them to make important calls.

All in all, the Electron Portable Bank is a reliable and fast charging product that offers a lot of juice for a very reasonable price!


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