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Manufacturer Electronic Arts
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Overview: FIFA 14

To all the gamers, to all the nerdy who have spent their nights all long playing games on their computer, here is some good news for you. After a long eternal wait, where all you people out there were eagerly waiting for FIFA 14, here it is. Improvised with enhanced graphics, enthralling playing experience, more teams to choose from, the experience just could not go better.

FIFA 14 is a must for every gamer who likes to boast about the way he scores a goal, one who is constantly awake during the football world cup and the one who picks all his guns when someone else abuses his favorite club team. With timed matches, tournaments, one on one match and many more options to choose from, FIFA 14 gives everyone a reason to cheer and cherish.

FIFA 14 has all the essential ingredients of an exciting experience where you can pivot, plant, pass and get into a much needed momentum for the match. In the dire seconds of the match, when you are behind your opponent by a goal, pass on the ball by sliding to the player near your opponent's goal and make sure that you walk out of the match as a winner. With teammate intelligence, get into strategies and decision making that would help you to choose among the players that you would want the pass to go to.

Pure shot allows you to pass your ball meticulously and with smoothness to your player. Real ball physics allows you to determine trajectories for your ball and make sure that the passes that you have been incorporating from your half to the half of the opponents ends up in a goal. What more is the fact that you can connect to players across the world which is termed as global transfer network and prove your superiority among the gamers across the globe?

Protect the ball by controlling your players with improved fastidiousness and much greater control, thus, giving you a complete experience of the way you have played games. So if you have either been a waiting person for the release of the game, a gamer that got to know about the beautiful game of football now, this game is just the right place for you to get started.

Some brands have a reputation to savour. For such brands, the name tag in itself is credible enough to attract and lure tons and tons of potential customers. EA Sports is one such brand, as it fits the bill perfectly. Even after being in the industry for a long period of time, their level of consistency never drops. Which is no surprise, judging by their ever growing fan base.

Order the game online with and get an unparalleled experience to match for while you create chances and make goals for your team.

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Manufacturer Electronic Arts

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  1.  Fifa 14 16 November, 2013 On
    The best Fifa ever...It still can be improved more but till date...the best football experience...Excellent graphics, Moves & Skill Ability of players has improved, the AI, vying for the ball with the defenders and the improved ability of defenders makes you look for better game creating skills which is a great thing...Heading ability of players has also become much better....Overall...once Again commendable job done by EA & EA Canada
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  2.  Loving every bit of it! 8 January, 2014 On
    not much difference than fifa13 but graphics is more intense for me, the players squads update and the revamped menu, the gameplay physics a bit. all in all a great product for the fifa fanboys! Loved every bit of it. For me its better to use an analog gamepad with it for better controlls in overall gameplay. Everyone should buy it wityhout any questions, hours of fun and entertainment exclusively multiplayer :D
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