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Elite Premium Flip Case Cover for HP 7 Voice Tablet Tab (Black) (Magnetic Closure)

Elite Premium Flip Case Cover for HP 7 Voice Tablet Tab (Black) (Magnetic Closure)

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Product Description

Are you looking for a protective case for your mobile? Are you looking for a case that will protect the LED of your tablet as well as the entire body of the tablet? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may not have to look any further. The Elite Premium Flip Case Cover for HP 7 Voice Tablet Tab (Black) (Magnetic Closure) is just the case you were looking for. This protective cover is very stylish to look at. So do not wait any longer. Buy the Elite Premium Flip Case Cover for HP 7 Voice Tablet Tab (Black) (Magnetic Closure) online now and get it delivered to your doorstep.

A stylish looking tablet cover

7 inch tablets is undoubtedly the most preferred tablets in the world. They are known for introducing critically acclaimed products in the market. What makes tablets stand out from the rest is the fact that their touch screen models are extremely responsive. The 7 inch HP tablets are a hot favourite among gamers all across the world. The main reason behind this is that the tablet does not allow any lag what so ever. This is precisely the reason why the screen of the tablet needs to be protected. Due to the premium quality of the LEDs that is usually provided on the HP tablets, a fall might usually prove to be quite costly. There is also an extra factor that would bother you. The LED of a HP tablet is not easily available. So if you by any chance mess up your LED, the service centre will take a long time to repair it. This particular cover ensures that your tablet is protected from scratches and cracks. Most of the flagship tablets nowadays come with a Corning Gorilla Glass protection. However, the Apple most of the tablets available in the market does not come with the feature. This is the reason an extra protection becomes imperative. This particular case is made of leather. This gives the cover a very plush feel. The cover is sturdy enough to protect your LED. The LED panel cover acts like a flip stand so that you get to receive calls and text without any hassle. When you are travelling in crowded public transport, you might often find it difficult to receive a call if your tablet is inside one of those protective cases that hang around your neck. This cover allows you to protect your tablet as well as receive your calls without too much of a trouble.

The other part of the cover is the one protecting your HP tablet's rear panel. The inner part of this portion has a plastic case. This is to provide an extra layer of protection for the rear part of your tablet. Most tablets do not feature a removable battery. Hence, it becomes extremely important to protect this particular area of the tablets. Most 7 inch tablets are mid range devices. The rear panel is usually made of plastic. They are glossy in nature. This results in two issues. Firstly, they are more fragile compared to the flagship device which features a metal rear panel. Secondly, they happen to be fingerprint magnets. This cover takes care of both these issues. It protects, as well as stylizes the tablet.

There are openings on the cover which are basically the requirement of each and every cover. On the front flip side, there are openings on the microphone and the speakers. This allows you to speak with the flip cover on. As a result of this feature, your screen will not get affected by the sweat during the summers. Also, in case your tablet accidentally falls down from your hand while taking a call, your screen will remain unaffected because they were already covered. The flip also features a magnet which holds the cover in its place thereby allowing it to remain in place even when heavily jerked. The rear part of the cover has an opening over the primary camera allowing you to click high resolution photos and videos without any hassle. So what are you waiting for? Shop online for this cover today and protect your precious HP tablet from any damage.

Key Highlights

Brand: Elite

Colour: Black

Material: PU Leather

Product Features

  • With Magnetic Closure
  • Can be used as stand as showin in picture
  • For HP 7 Voice Model (Which have calling facility)
  • With provision for back camera hole
  • It will not Fit Slate 7 model
Product Details
Manufacturer Elite
Manufacturer Part Number EA-09-4122451212
Model Number EA54112245212

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Overall Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars
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