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PART 2 New Range Of Embroidery Threads Cross Stitch By Tclindia 50 Colors 5 Pieces of Total 250 Pieces PART 2
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PART 2 New Range Of Embroidery Threads Cross Stitch By Tclindia 50 Colors 5 Pieces of Total 250 Pieces PART 2

Model Number 12323182243454
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Product Description

Women and girls are fond of creating their own masterpieces from threads and they really carry forward it as their hobby by making beautiful designs from these embroideries. Embroidery is a master craft or art that is being done by many using beautiful colourful threads and needles . All it needs creativity and interest to learn various stitches and go ahead . Embroidery is one such art that can be used in creating extraordinary patterns on clothes for wearing, making wall hangings or you can make patterns on the handkerchiefs as well. Cross stitch is a type of embroidery in which patterns are created using the crosses (x) in various colours. It is very easy to do and learn, but is very versatile in creating any type of image , picture or figure you imagine.

Know More About Embroidery

Although embroidery floss and threads seems like a very small category , but it encloses a huge variety of embroidery threads, in varied shades and embroidery needles . This package Embroidery Thread Cross Stitch Thread Floss Skeins 50 Colours , 250 PCS with Needles with 10 Needles Free is a unique combination of all that you need to create cross stitch patterns. It includes myriad of colours, , types of needles . This is a money saving deal in which you get additional 10 needles free of cost along with 250 various shades of floss skeins. The range of floss skeins in varied vibrant colours is amazing you will not need any other colour apart from these. There are five shades of fifty (50) different colours, so there is whole colour palette of floss skeins that is made available to you through this excellent combination of embroidery threads. The threads are of full length and are hundred percent fast so when you use them no colour comes out. This world class combination of embroidery threads along with 10 needles for hand working comes at lucrative price that you should opt for right now if you enjoy doing cross stitch.

Hand Embroidery Shades

This package is very beneficial for everyone who loves doing hand embroidery and especially cross stitch. You can even teach small kids at home to try out cross stitch as it is very easy and simple stitch in which you just have to make crosses on the cloth using thread and needle. Since all the skeins have been wrapped individually there is no chance of them getting tangled with each other or getting mixed with each other. The weight of every skein is 1 .2 grams and all the threads come in their original packaging. There are 5 threads for every colour and since there are fifty shades available so the total package contains 250 pieces of 50 different shades. Embroidery floss is mainly used by the people who love doing stitching by hand. The floss is basically cotton yarn of different colours and is also known s stitching material that varies in strands and plies. Floss is mainly sold in the form of skeins and is usually thicker than the normal threads used for embroidery and it includes both divisible as well as indivisible strands. Each floss is mainly 7.6 to 8 metres in length and every skein consists of 6 strands . Every skein is double mercerised as it helps in creating a double shine and the skein appears to be smooth for making beautiful cross stitch designs.

Best Quality Embroidery Package

Since all the skeins are 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton and have been assembled separately it gives them perfect finishing . Staple and stranded cotton is used basically for versatile type of embroidery . You can use it by combining it with metallic thread , wool, silk thread, and the rayon thread as well . The cross stitch embroidery is usually called as counted thread embroidery in which beautiful and colourful patterns are created on the cloth.

Product Features

  • This Is part 2 which is includes 250 threads in 50 colors
  • part 1 and part 3 is availbe in store just click on technologyandlearning this is direct store link right side middle in page
  • 20 needless includes
  • see picture no 2 for color details
Product Details
Manufacturer TCL
Manufacturer Part Number 6577815876565
Model Number 12323182243454

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