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Endura Mass, Mass Gainer - 1 kg (Chocolate)

Endura Mass, Mass Gainer - 1 kg (Chocolate)

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Target Gender Unisex
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Product Description

While trying to keep up with the pace that the world is moving in, we tend to forget about our health. To keep your body fit and strong it is needed that you intake a certain amount of calories on a daily basis. With our Endura Mass, which is available as a pack of 1 kg and enriched with the flavour of chocolate, you can easily keep your calorie intake updated. If you are looking for a weight gainer supplement this product is a must have.

Living in a generation where everybody's life is on a constant move and people do not have time to spare for themselves, you often end up eating a lot of junk food. This not only adds unhealthy nutrients to your body but also increases the fat and cholesterol contents in your body. This in turn leads to a number of diseases which might leave your body feeling weak and also affect various organs of your body such as the livers, your blood and more. To ensure your body with a healthy intake of calories which breakdown to release energy in your body we provide you with a dietary supplement which is not only healthy but also tasty to consume. Enriched with the flavour of chocolate this one is sure to leave you craving for more.

Besides your normal diet, endure mass has the capacity of providing 3480 additional calories every single day. This provides your body with powerful muscle building compound works wonders for a bodybuilder. When consumed on a regular basis you can experience noticeable strength gains within a very short period. This supplement provides you the exact amount of nutrition, not too much, neither too less - just the right amount required to build muscles. You can shop online for this amazing product available only at Junglee and avail amazing offers.

Product Details
Manufacturer ENDURA
Manufacturer Part Number 401070
Brand Endura supplements
Model Number ENDUS10016
Target Gender Unisex
Item Package Quantity 1

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