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Enem Car GPS Tracker - Track your Beloved / Child / Vehicle / Pet Real time online

Enem Car GPS Tracker - Track your Beloved / Child / Vehicle / Pet Real time online

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Product Description

In today's busy lifestyle we tend to overlook the most important thing in our life and that is safety. Safety of our own along with our family members has become necessary to ensure they are away from any risk or danger. Travelling long distances is a challenge and creates potential risk of getting caught in between the destination. The most sensitive to these risks are elderly people those who try to travel on their own on roads as well as kids who are the early travellers. Even the advancement in infrastructure has spread boundaries and sometimes makes it difficult to find places we desire to visit. At this moment we seek help of a person or technology that can guide us while on our way making us safely reach to our destination. For all those customers who are looking for an option to fulfil similar need we present to you GPS Car Tracker by Enem to help you track your family member while they are on their move.

Product Feature

This real time GPS tracker is machine that is used to help you track vehicle as well as person while they are travelling. This Car tracker has multiple functions such as monitoring surveillance, tracking, security, positioning etc. It also has a SMS system to inform the tracker about the location by just placing the device in your vehicle as and when required. All you need is a SIM card that is required to be placed inside the machine which will help you in tracking and coordinating about the location without any monitoring fees or any monthly contract for it. It can be used either for your car or any vehicle that you or your family members are travelling in. Another unique feature of this device is that it helps the user to disable its functions by locking his car remotely. The user just has to load the GSM SIM card into the tracker and ask for a subscription for the GPRS services. Once the services are received and saved; you need to dial the SIM number from your phone. After the call received by the operator in a span of 2 to 4 rings the phone shall hang up itself followed by a SMS having a web link with real time latitude and longitude automatically.

Company's Profile

Enem is an international brand specializing in tracking and monitoring products in the Electronics Industry. The company believes in strong customer service base as well as customer loyalty and therefore provides great after sales response to its customer. Enem has an authorized certification to manufacture the high end security and monitoring devices with great quality and superior performance.

Product Specification

The GPS tracker is new technology making the lives of people easier and secure. Though it is a high end product but it is easy to operate by a common person. It has easy instruction to follow and comfortable to carry along. It is compact in size so that it is not visible to many ensuring the security is maintained. It is made of black colour with two red colour holders at the top of it. It can be easily put on an ON or OFF mode with the help of a button. The technology used in the GPS tracker is of great help especially when you are travelling to remote locations where the accessibility of a person to guide you on the way is too bleak as well as is very risky. There are many duplicate products with similar features available in the market to fool customer on the name of enhanced security tools. We request are customer to buy important product like these from a reputed and confirmed source. So don't waste more time and order online today for making you and your loved one's life a lot easy and secure.

Product Features

  • No monitoring fees. No monthly contracts . Only SIM charges may apply(For SMS and GPRS connectivity)
  • Track you car/vehicle for its monitoring and security.
  • Useful for Global positioning, Real-time monitoring, Vehicle locating, Timing tracking, Cutting off power and circuit of Car remotely
  • Receive location coordinates as a SMS on your Mobile whenever you wish
  • You can also disable and lock your car remotely
Product Details
Brand ENEM
Model Number GPS Tracker
Item Package Quantity 1

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