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360 Energy Compact Ultra Bright Rechargeable Led Lamp 2 Light Function

360 Energy Compact Ultra Bright Rechargeable Led Lamp 2 Light Function

Brand Generic
Material Synthetic
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Product Description

With the massive technological advancement, we often forget the importance of conserving energy for securing our future. One important way in which you can contribute to the environmental factor is by using products that are energy-efficient. This And-Also Energy Compact Ultra Bright Rechargeable LED Lamp, 2 Lights Function is the ideal product that will impress you with its smooth functioning and also conserve energy. The Desk Lamp works on two modes and is designed using eco-friendly materials. It is a practical buy that has the potential to serve multiple purposes. It is powered by a powerful battery that is rechargeable and ensures high performance even while consuming less power. Shop for the And-Also Energy Compact Ultra Bright Rechargeable LED Lamp, 2 Lights Function online.

The Look:

The lamp from the house of And-Also is not simply a highly useful product but also features a stylish look in order to captivate you. The design is sleek and slim so that it fits in easily to your table or shelves. The trendy look of the item ensures that it looks well-coordinated with the other modern home décor items in your space. The classic colour combination of the blue and the white shade adds spunk to the final look of the piece. The lamp features a flexible design so that it can be folded to fit in according to your requirements. This also adds portability to the electronic item. The weight of the product is only 451.54 g and the dimensions are 16.8 cm x 8.1 cm x 7.4 cm so that you do not face any hassle either to store or to carry it. There is the port added at the side with which you can charge the device by plugging in the device to an AC supply by means of the provided power cable. You can prevent the accumulation of loose dirt and moisture on the surface of the lamp by using a soft and dry piece of cloth and wiping it occasionally. Doing this retains the newness of the product and adds longevity to the piece.


The And-Also Rechargeable LED Lamp has been engineered with care to meet the needs of the present day users. It is highly suitable as a study desk lamp and can also be employed during night reading. The lamp is efficient to offer bright light without consuming extra power. It works on a powerful Lead-acid battery of 13400 mAh that is rechargeable. The battery can potentially endure 500 charges. The LED lamp offers white light that is soothing to the eyes and actively illuminates up to 5 m of the area where it is stored. There are 2 modes on which it works, high and low modes. You can switch the modes as and when required. The device works on a power of 2.5 W and requires a voltage of 220 V. The desk lamp also has a long life span, being made from the best quality materials. It is durable and also works in an environment friendly manner. There is a suitable power cable of appropriate dimension provided with this item. You can simply fold it and keep it secure, when not in use. It will also be easy to carry it along while you are travelling. Once fully charged, the lamp can be used till 8 hours n the low mode and till 4 hours on the high mode. With so much stand-by time, the lamp ensures that you can make optimum use of it. There are light indicators to indicate the power status to you while you are charging the lamp. The brilliant and soothing light it emits without fluctuating is sure to impress you.

Key Highlights:

Brand: And-Also

Type: LED Lamp

Power Source: Battery

Battery Power: 1300 mAh

Power: 2.5W

Voltage: 220V

Weight of the Product: 451.54 g

Dimensions of the Product: 16.8 cm x 8.1 cm x 7.4 cm

Package Content: 1 Unit with Power Cable

Therefore, do not wait any further. Buy this useful table lamp for yourself that will impress you with its performance. You can get it for yourself just with a simple click of the mouse. It will be also ideal as a gift item that you can surprise your loved ones with. It will be useful in ways more than one and impress every one with its smart operation. Buy the And-Also Energy Compact Ultra Bright Rechargeable LED Lamp, 2 Lights Function online. Get it delivered to your doorstep.

Product Features

  • Before First Use Charge for 60 minutes for optimal performance
  • Long life battery could be cycling used more than 500 times
  • An inbuilt battery which you can charge it with a normal 220 V AC Supply at your home
  • Use LED bulbs are of energy saving, high efficiency & long life
  • Strong & light brightness are adjustable.
Product Details
Brand Generic
Material Synthetic
Wattage 1.47 Watts
Warranty 30 days

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