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Enfin Homes Shoes Organizer

Enfin Homes Shoes Organizer

Brand Enfin Homes
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Product Description

Do you have a habit of dumping your shoes under the bed? Then get the Fawn Under The Bed Shoe Organizer from the house of Enfin Homes today and get organised.


The Fawn Under The Bed Shoe Organizer is made of high quality canvas material. The organiser comes in a fawn shade with brown piping on all sides thus giving it a contrast look. It is covered with a transparent plastic sheet and secured firmly. There are sleek brown handles on all the four sides. It is rectangular in shape with twelve chambers.

Key highlights

The organiser is made of high grade non-woven canvas that makes it extremely durable.

As it is folding, you can keep it folded when not in use.

The transparent cover protects the shoes form dust and dirt.

The handles on both the sides make it easy to carry from one place to another.

The under the bed shoe organizer is space saving.


The Enfin Homes Fawn Under The Bed Shoe Organizer is light in weight and be conveniently moved from one place to another. It is just ideal for every modern household where space is a big constraint. The size is so compact that you can get a number of these organisers and stack the shoes of your entire family in this new age shoe organizer. If you get this under the bed shoe organiser, then you can save on the space which a shoe rack generally occupies. This organizer has twelve chambers and gives you enough space to store all your pairs in the same place. The transparent cover protects the shoes form dust and dirt. Each chamber can hold a pair of shoes like shoes, heels, loafers etc. If you don't have twelve pairs, then you can even share the organizer with other family members. The folding shoe rack can be stored easily when not in use.

The handles on all four sides will let you pull it out easily from under the bed. One of the most important reasons of using a shoe rack is that you don't have to search for your pair of matching shoes here and there as all of them are stacked neatly in the chambers. You just need to stack in all your pair of shoes, cover it with the transparent cover and then push it under the bed. It is so light in weight that even your kids can pull it out from under the bed. It is an ideal way to utilise the space under your bed. This will also save you and your family from tripping over. Stacking shoes in this organiser keeps your house neat and tidy.  So shop a number of this Folding Under The Bed Shoe Organizer with Twelve Chambers from the online store today which will help you keep your house neat and tidy.

Maintenance and care

This purposeful organiser is resistant to stain and dirt and can be maintained easily. Since the material is washable, you can clean it easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent.  Air dry it properly before storing your things further. On regular basis, you can easily dust it and keep it clean. Keep it away from all kinds of sharp objects to ensure that the organiser serves you for a longer time. Keep it away from any heat source.

About the brand

The brand Enfin Homes is one of the popular online destinations where you can get a wide range of modern and attractive utility furniture. Their vision is to offer their customers high class shopping experience by bringing them a huge range of quality space saving products and also providing them after sales service.

So buy this Purposeful Shoe Organizer online from any corner of the world and get into the good habit from today.

Product Details
Brand Enfin Homes

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