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English-Hindi Dictionary

English-Hindi Dictionary

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Language English
Contributor(s) Verma S.K., Sahai R.N.
Binding Hardcover
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About Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary

The Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary compiled by S.K. Verma and edited by R.N. Sahai is a new edition released by Oxford University Press. Oxford’s popularity is unmatched when it comes to dictionaries, thanks to their thorough handling of words, phrases and their usage. English-Hindi Dictionary by Oxford, published by Laurier Books Ltd on June 1, 2003, comprises of 800 pages. If you want to improve your English vocabulary, this dictionary available on Junglee will be worth buying as it is comprehensive and lucid in explaining the meanings.

Covered in hardcover, this edition is studded with a wealth of information relating to over 25,000 words included herein. It is meant to be at once a general reference to words in the two languages, as well as an aid to both students of the language and those working in it. Each word is accompanied by examples of its usage in various phrases that are used commonly. There are also sub-entries that add to the understanding of the word within a certain context. This edition of The Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary incorporates Hindi script-based pronunciations of words, thus aiding Hindi speakers as well. It also focuses on grammar, detailing how such elements as irregular nouns, verbs and adjectives may be correctly used. There are also appendices dealing with such information as chemical elements, weights and measures. This dictionary is very useful and is compiled from the perspective of a Hindi speaker who is keen on learning English. It deals with the most commonly used words and phrases, which make it extremely useful.

Together with specific tips on how to utilize a word within a phrase or sentence or as a part of speech in general, the Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary makes for a great tool for picking up the nuances of Hindi. This dictionary is one of one of the best and latest dictionaries to choose from on Junglee. Compare deals offered by different sellers on this dictionary to make an informed decision. The book may be referenced online through its ISBNs 9780195648195 and 0195648196.

Overview: English-Hindi Dictionary

The importance of a dictionary when learning new words is unmatchable. It is the traditional way of getting acquainted with new words and their subsequent meaning which enriches the vocabulary skill and at the same time helps you get better acquainted with the language. Now there are different types of dictionaries for different vocabulary purposes and bilingual dictionary is one of them. A bilingual dictionary basically translates words and phrases and also provides the meaning for the necessary words. It is not only important for travelers, but is vital for academic purposes as well. Therefore, if you are looking for an English-Hindi Dictionary, you don't have to look any further. As now, you can easily avail the English-Hindi Dictionary brought to you by Oxford University Press very easily. Oxford University Press needs no introduction when it comes to dictionaries. It is one of the most trusted sources to get to know different words and their meanings and this English to Hindi is no different. Compiled by experts, this bilingual dictionary is a must have for all academia's and those getting to know the Hindi language. However, before you go ahead and make the purchase, take a look at the features.

Key features

This dictionary is compiled by experts like S.K. Verma and edited by R.N. Sahai. This edition is released by the Oxford University Press. This dictionary has a wide array of words and sorted out phrases and their usage. This dictionary has more than 800 pages and each meaning of the words given is explained in a lucid and clear manner. This hard cover bilingual dictionary comprise of more than 25,000 head words. Not only this but each word has derivatives along with related idioms and phrases. The pronunciation structure is also provided in an easy to learn format. This ensures that you can read out each word carefully and in a correct manner, which leaves no place for error in the future. There are also sub entries that accompany each head word and proper examples are given of the word usage and the various phrases where they are commonly used. This dictionary also includes Hindi script based pronunciation which makes this dictionary ideal for non-Hindi speakers. The best part about this bilingual dictionary is that it gives a lot of stress on grammar, and focuses on how elements like verbs, irregular nouns, adverbs and adjectives can be correctly used.

This English-Hindi Dictionary does not simply limit to word usage and phrases. There are also proper explanation of weights, chemical elements, and measures. This dictionary is extremely useful for Hindi speakers who are keen about learning the English language in a better manner. Learners can simply turn just few pages and introduced the plethora of word that the English language has to offer. This hard cover, 800 pages English to Hindi dictionary makes learning English words, easy and fun. This product is now available on the internet. So, now you can buy English-Hindi Dictionary by Oxford University Press online, without any hassle.

Features: English-Hindi Dictionary

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 14, 2003
Publisher Oxford
Contributor(s) Verma S.K., Sahai R.N.
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1St Edition
Page Count 800
ISBN 10 0195648196
ISBN 13 9780195648195
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 612.9 grams
Product Dimensions 3.8 cm x 11.4 cm x 17.8 cm
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