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English-Hindi Students Dictionary (New)

English-Hindi Students Dictionary (New)

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Language English
Contributor(s) Sahai R.N., Verma S.K.
Binding Paperback
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About Oxford Student's English-Hindi Dictionary

Here is something that will solve your problem of English-Hindi translations of words. Oxford Student's English-Hindi Dictionary comes to your rescue when you have to find the correct word in both the languages as easy as it can get. Published by Oxford University Press (OUP), Oxford Student's English-Hindi Dictionary is made keeping in mind the problems faced by students who have both the languages in their curriculum. It promises to offer invaluable help to all those who suffer when they have to talk in one of the languages without having its knowledge. If you wish to improve English or Hindi vocabulary, this dictionary available on Junglee will help you understand better with its short and crisp explanation.

You may use the Oxford Student's English-Hindi Dictionary as a guide, come back to it for reference and find the meaning of words which leave you with a question mark. It consists of words and phrases along with well placed definitions which are put together in an easy and comprehendible language negating the use of any kind of technical jargon. And the best part is, the lexicon covers a collection of words that is up to date, essential and used frequently. This Bilingual Edition is spread over 640 pages and punctuated with generous contributions made by R. N. Sahai and S. K. Verma. It was published on December 31, 2008 is available in a classic paperback binding.

The ISBN details of this dictionary are 0195670485 and 9780195670486. This dictionary is one the best English- Hindi dictionaries available on Junglee. Compare deals offered by various sellers on this dictionary and read seller reviews to be an informed buyer.

Overview: English-Hindi Students Dictionary

Although we all use language to communicate, we often find ourselves lost when someone uses an unfamiliar word that gives us a 'blank spot' in our understanding. Suddenly there's a word that could just as easily be a nonsensical combination of vowels and consonants for all that it means to you. When you're speaking in a secondary language, this problem grows more worse because you have not had a life-time of conversations, movies, and books to amass a considerable vocabulary in that language.

In India, we face this problem more often than in countries where less languages are spoken, because we have so many languages. It's really normal to find people who can speak at least two, because a first language and second language are taught formally in school to everyone. Often, neither of these languages are what a person uses to communicate with family or friends, so you need one more, and in case you move from one state to another, there's a shift in dialect, or language, so you'll need another for your repertoire.

Clearly not everyone can acquire a strong vocabulary in each of the many languages they need, without putting in a lot of effort. One of the most important tools on your quest to acquire a new language is a bi-lingual dictionary. This will help you look up the meanings of a word in a language you are familiar with, instead of in the language you're already confused about which would only lead to aggravating page turning. This English-Hindi dictionary, allows you to look up the meaning of a Hindi word in English. If you know what you mean to say in English, but don't know the right words to express the same in Hindi, the dictionary will help you translate. The converse would be meaningful even if Hindi is the language you're comfortable in, and English the one that you're uneasy with. Whichever language you're more comfortable with, the English-Hindi Students Dictionary (New) will definitely help you become proficient and fluent in both.

Features: English-Hindi Students Dictionary

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date October 1, 2004
Publisher Oxford
Contributor(s) Sahai R.N., Verma S.K.
Binding Paperback
Edition New
Page Count 635
ISBN 10 0195670485
ISBN 13 9780195670486
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4.2 grams
Product Dimensions 2.5 cm x 11.4 cm x 17.8 cm
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