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Enter Bluetooth Car Shaped Speaker - E-B400

Enter Bluetooth Car Shaped Speaker - E-B400

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Product Description

Music is one of the best ways to relax after a long, tiring day. Most people listen to music in some or the other way. While some still may play CDs, most use their mobile phones, or computers, or mp3 players. If you are one of those who like to listen to good quality sound, you should look for a speaker that meets your expectations. Do you not have enough time to search for a good speaker? Are you looking for something refreshingly innovative in a speaker? If your answer to the above questions is 'yes', then buy enter E-B400 Bluetooth speaker online today. This Bluetooth based speaker not only plays music with impressive sound quality but also has a playfully innovative car shaped design. Since it is available online, you can save your time and place the order via a computer or a smartphone. The device will be delivered to your preferred address soon.

Features and Design of Enter Bluetooth Car Shaped Speaker

This speaker has been designed in order to meet your expectations of sound quality. It will more than impress you right from the first number that you play on the device. It has been innovatively designed to resemble a toy car. So, if you have this Enter Bluetooth based car shaped speaker at home, you can give quite a surprise to your friends and relatives who visit your home. The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to play music via any device that supports Bluetooth. In fact, there is hardly any model of mobile phone in the present age that does not support Bluetooth. However, as you play the music via your handset, people in your home will be amazed to hear the quality of sound that this Bluetooth enabled, car shaped speaker will play. In addition to that, they will surprisingly look for the speaker and will be amazed to find out that the toy car on a shelf is the speaker.

The speaker is designed to look like a black sports car. One of the vents of the speaker is on the roof of the car and the other 2 are at bottom of it. It is the 3 speakers that together deliver good quality sound irrespective of the kind of music you play. The device is powered by a battery. The battery chamber of the Bluetooth based car shaped speaker is at the bottom of the faux toy car.

Speciality and Benefits of the Bluetooth Based Car Shaped Speaker

You will understand the speciality of this Bluetooth based car shaped speaker only if you are a lover of good quality sound. There are ample categories of music. However, you get the best experience of listening to any kind of music only if you have a good speaker for the purpose. Although this Bluetooth based speaker has been designed to resemble a toy car, the quality of sound that it emits will impress even veteran music lovers and critics. Besides, it is not like other bulky speakers that occupy considerable space in your home. Therefore why wait? Shop online for the Enter Bluetooth based car shaped speaker today to listen to your favourite songs.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Enter Bluetooth Based Car Shaped Speaker

This Bluetooth based car shaped speaker by Enter is an electronic device. Thus you should prevent it from any exposure to water or liquids. Also, keep on such a shelf or desktop from where it will not fall. Moreover, make sure that it is always in plain sight lest anyone keeps a heavy object on top of it. Another important thing is to keep it away from the reach of young children who may mistake it for a toy. Lastly, before you start using the device, you should carefully read the instructions on the user manual that is shipped along with the product.

About Enter

Enter is one of the leading hardware systems developers in the world. The company specialises in designing and developing I/O and USB devices such as this Bluetooth based car shaped speaker. Its products have an innovative design and are incorporated with high-end technology.

Key Highlights

Bluetooth connectivity

Toy car shaped

Battery powered

Black in colour

Product Details
Brand Enter
Item Package Quantity 1

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