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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Embassy Books
Here's your pocket mentor! This is a guide book if you want to become an entrepreneur, or, if you are in the start-up phase. It tells you in 20 easy and simple steps, the things you need to do from the time you think of the business idea to becoming market-ready.It is a go-to book, much like a dictionary. If you have just started a company, or are thinking of starting a company, it answers some basic questions such as:Why should I be an entrepreneur?Where will I get my business ideas from?Why do I need a mentor and where will I find one?How will I hire good teams when I don't have the money to pay them market rates?What is a business plan, why should I write it, how should I write it?What are the different ways in which I can raise money for my business?This book acts as a pocket mentor, preparing you for each step of your entrepreneurial journey. KEY SELLING POINTSThe author is one of the India's leading experts in the field of Entrepreneurship.Excerpt from the book in the forthcoming ... See more
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