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Envent Ultra Wave 4.1 Speakers - ET-SP41121 (Black)

Envent Ultra Wave 4.1 Speakers - ET-SP41121 (Black)

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Product Description

The Envent Ultra ET-SP41121 Black Speakers brings you a surround sound system like never before. You can easily mount these speakers on your wall for an added surround sound experience and reduce clutter.


Available in black, these multimedia speakers are boosted with an attractive, stylish design that immediately adds a look of sophistication to your living room. It features a 4.1 channel configuration and comprises of four multimedia satellite speakers that consume 6W of power each for high performance. It also features a subwoofer that consumes 17W of power to deliver enhanced bass sound. Get the perfect sonic experience with the Envent Ultra Wave 4.1 Speakers - ET-SP41121 (Black). The speaker set is packed to the hilt with unique and exciting features which ensures best-in-class sonic output with exquisite convenience and control. Envent Ultra Wave Speakers - ET-SP41121 (Black) is a 4.1 Channel Speaker system which ensures superior sound from all angles. It features a Passive Speaker system for superior fidelity.


The Envent Ultra Wave Speakers (Black) produce sounds that provide you an almost theatre-like feel within the comfort of your home. Its four satellite speakers produce high quality sounds that avoid distortions and frequency glitches. Now enjoy enhanced bass and rich, deep tones with the subwoofer's powerful audio output. Loud explosions and intense actions scenes sound realistic and enjoyable with the unique surround sound system sported by these Envent Ultra Wave speakers. Immerse yourself in the more melodious and pleasing versions of your favourite songs echoing out of these speakers. The system has a Bass Reflex Enclosure with an extra-large wooden subwoofer which enhances bass frequencies for an engaging sound output. The Digital Amplifier ensures proper power to drive the speakers, reproducing life-like and accurate sounds. It features a Fixed/Punched Metal Grille, providing protection to the speaker drivers as well as adding elegance to the set. Quality sound and stylish looks come together in Envent Ultra Wave 4.1 Speakers. These wood encased high quality speakers provides excellent sound quality.

Quality performance

The wooden cabinet ensures realistic bass effect, while the four satellite speakers with wooden cabinet ensure deep and pure sound. You can connect the stylish speaker system to PC, Walkman, TV, VCD/DVD players, MP3, music systems, etc. You can play your favourite games and enjoy a life like gaming experience with dramatic sounds through these 4.1 multimedia speakers of this Envent Ultra Wave speaker system. The 17W subwoofer of this speaker system adds depth and provides a complete and unique audio experience to the movies you watch and the games you play. Its wired remote control allows you to manage these Creative computer speakers from the comfort of your couch. Its unique fingertip control enables you to rapidly change the music, or play, pause and stop it. Envent Ultra Wave Speakers - ET-SP41121 (Black) has a rated Frequency Response Range of 40Hz to 20 KHz. It ensures thumping bass lines, clear mid tones and sharp treble sounds. The speaker set has a total output of 70W. The speaker set features connectivity options galore! It features USB playability, allowing you to easily connect a plethora of USB compatible devices and play music through them. It also comes with a remote control, for intuitive control from a distance. You can order these speakers online.

Product Details
Brand Envent
Model Number ET-SP41121
Item Package Quantity 1

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