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Enviro Chip Radiation Protector for Wi-Fi Router

Enviro Chip Radiation Protector for Wi-Fi Router

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Product Description

Nullifies the Effect of Harmful Electromagnetic waves

Non-stop exposure to the harmful radiations from electronic devices poses a threat to human life. The Enviro chip has been scientifically developed as a radiation protection chip that nullifies the hazardous effects of the electromagnetic waves. It prevents any kind of biological degradation of the physical body by tactfully changing the nature of the electromagnetic waves that are emitted by Wi-Fi routers. This radiation protection chip for Wi-Fi router does not deflect or tamper with the magnetic waves, thereby ensuring that the strength as well as the quality of the signal is not compromised.

Safe and Easy-to-Use Chip

Dedicated to create a safer environ, this Enviro Chip radiation protector for Wi-Fi router has been launched to provide protection from harmful radiations emitted by the electronic gadget. Just affix it above the centre of the top panel of the router, and voila it starts neutralising the harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by the device. Constant exposure to electromagnetic waves results in high levels of stress, with this chip protector for Wi-Fi routers, the stress levels are reduced by and large. Extensively tested and certified by several institutions, this Enviro chip is a safe and effective radiation management solution.

Product Features

Brand: Syenergy Environics Ltd.

Product: Enviro chip

Dimension: 45 x 30 mm

Affix it above the centre of the top panel of the router

Neutralises electromagnetic waves without altering Wi-Fi signals

Tested and certified

Product Features

  • Radiation protector chip for your mobile
  • Protects from harmful microwave radiations, Safeguards immunity
Product Details
Manufacturer Enviro Chip
Brand Enviro Chip
Model Number RC

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