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Epson L800 Colour Inkjet Printer

Epson L800 Colour Inkjet Printer

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Product Description

A proper printer is always in demand, be it in the college, school, office, home, or a shop, you simply cannot do without one. There are always papers, images and documents that need to be printed and a printer always comes in handy. It might be for an important school project or a necessary office document that you need to print out, a printer is always necessary. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy to use and convenient printer with updated and exclusive features, your search ends here as now you can own the Epson L800 Colour Inkjet Printer very easily. When it comes to electronics and similar products, Epson is the first name that comes to mind. Over the years, Epson has provided users with premium quality products that have matched their requirements and made printing work much easier. Epson ensures that the machines provide fine quality prints with bold and vivid colour. Epson electronics are made under stringent quality norms to provide users with premium quality products. This printer is no different. Packed with special features, this Epson Inkjet printer is designed to deliver performance that is unmatched and unparalleled. Take a look at the product features before you make the purchase.

Design and Function

This Epson printer sports a space save and sleek design that will look exceptional in any setting. This printer also comes in the stunning shade of black which eliminates the chance of any visible marks or spots. The exterior of this printer is made of premium quality material that ensures reliability and durability of the product. The dimensions of this printer are 53.7 cm x 28.9 cm x 18.8 cm and it weighs 6.2 kgs. This aspect allows you set up the printer anywhere with ease. With this printer, you can print large number of documents and images in a fast and swift manner. Most of the time professional printing is very demanding and tends to take up a lot of time. However, you don't need to worry anymore as this Epson printer gives you excellent result as per your paper printing requirements. You can save a lot of time by printing large set of documents that are also complex and it is capable of printing 10 x 15cm photo in just 12 seconds. Now you can also print paper, envelopes, transparencies, labels, cardstock, postcards and more. Therefore, it is extremely flexible and convenient to use in all kinds of settings. This printer is also easy to install and operate and you can manage the settings without much discomfort. This printer comes with a revolutionary Epson Original Ink Tank System that is specially designed for high print volume usage in mind. This printer is fitted with tank caps and filters to control airflow and also ensure minimal ink wastage which may result from evaporation. The Epson photo ink also ensure you the most vibrant, rich and accurate photo prints. With the Epson ink you can be sure of accurate and consistent colours even after many weeks of storage. Chances of clogged valves, frequent ink changes or wasted ink is also less. The presence of a choke valve also controls the ink flow and therefore, gives you more value for use for every bottle of ink that you use. You simply need to lock the device while transportation of printer to minimise the ink leakage or wastage of it.

Additional feature

The best part about this Epson L800 Colour Inkjet Printer is that it is eco-friendly and therefore, it cuts down on the paper and toner costs. You can now print multiple numbers of pages without worrying about wastage of paper or colour. Special features of this printer include 'Red Eye Correction', that eliminates the red eye effect and also create professional photos immediately with just a click of a button. The 'Epson Portrait Enhance' feature ensures to deliver beautiful and detailed photo prints by adjusting the colour casts, skin tones, as well as the exposure levels.You simply plug in this HP Laserjet Printer and it will start printing within minutes. The scan quality is also at par with its performance.

How to maintain the Epson L800 Colour Inkjet Printer?

Maintenance of this Epson colour printer is not very difficult, however, like every other electronic device this gadget requires certain maintenance to ensure longevity. This printer also comes with a manufacturer warranty. While cleaning this Epson printer, you may seek professional help when or else you can clean it by yourself in a careful manner. You can use a soft bristle duster or cloth to wipe away the dirt and dust particle. Do not use any moist or damp cloth to clean the interiors as that might hamper the mechanism of the electronic. Like you clean the exterior of the printer, you can clean the interior with a soft bristle brush as well. This product is now available on the internet; therefore, you can buy Epson L800 Colour Inkjet Printer, Black online, and get it delivered to your home and print paper and documents according to your convenience.

Key Features at a glance

Space saving and ergonomic design

Stylish and black in colour

Ultra-high-capacity of ink tank

Six large colour ink bottles

Convenient for school, office, home and all professional places

High-quality prints

Eco friendly

Extreme low cost per photo

Easy to install and use

Very low power consumption

Easy to clean and maintain

Comes with warranty

Product Features

  • Increase your printing productivity with the Epson original ink tank system
  • True photo quality with genuine Epson inks
  • Fast Ink Top-up (FIT) technology reduces ink wastage
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 6.2 kg
Product Dimensions 53.7 cm x 28.9 cm x 18.8 cm

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