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SONY Ericsson BA600 ST25i ST25 Xperia U High Capacity Battery

SONY Ericsson BA600 ST25i ST25 Xperia U High Capacity Battery

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Product Description

Boost up the power of your Xperia U ST25i by providing it with a BA600 battery from Sony Ericsson. This high-capacity battery has an output of 1290 mAh that can sustain your device for log hours of usage. The battery is a lithium-ion battery due to which it is possible to recharge the battery over and again for a long time. The battery has a durable casing that assures a long time use. Operating at a simple volt capacity of 3.7V you can run your Xperia U for long up to more than 6 hours of talk time with this battery.

Genuine Sony Ericsson Mobile Battery

The BA600 is a product from the famous collaboration of Sony Ericsson that is known to have produced many high-end phones in the consumer market. This BA600 is a high-capacity battery under the same banner is compatible with your Xperia U ST25i smartphone. This battery has all the quality specification provided on its rear by the manufacturing company. Therefore, you are assured of this product's quality essentials and usage measures.

Lithium-ion Power Battery

Since the BA600 is composed of a Lithium-ion composition, it features a remarkable energy density potential that will sustain your phone's power for hours at a stretch. The battery also has a low self-discharge system that ensures you get optimum standby time on your phone. Even your running multimedia operations such as music and games on the phone, battery consumption is minimal. Li-ion batteries have very good power sustainability features, and the BA600 stands up to the reputation.

Expand the power capacity of your Xperia U ST25i by supplementing it with the BA600 Li-ion battery from Sony Ericsson. This battery is available, and you can conveniently shop for the BA600 by ordering it online from Amazon.

Product Features

Sony Ericsson BS600

1290 mAh Capacity

Compatible with Xperia U ST25i

Product Features

  • Sony Ericsson BA600
  • Xperia U ST25i
Product Details
Manufacturer Sony Ericsson
Brand Sony Ericsson
Model Number B00IMXFOEO
Item Package Quantity 1

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