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Erupting emotions

Erupting emotions

Language English
Contributor(s) Mehjabin Hussain
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Erupting emotions

Six strong female protagonists and six short-stories narrating their unpredictable lives are at the heart of the book - Erupting emotions, an anthology full of melodrama and emotions.

About the book

Authored by Mehjabin Hussain this book evokes the feel of being among the north-eastern Muslim community, all through. Mehjabin Hussain is a modern era young writer who hails from the state of Assam in India. She has depicted the eventful lives of Zinher, Noor, Nafisa, Arjumand, Mehrunisa and Zaffrina, beautifully, in her story telling.

These women inadvertently face extraordinary circumstances in their lives and tackle them well, they are outstanding characters with ultimate survival instincts, and they become stronger and mature after facing each and every difficulty that crosses their path. Zinher faces the reality about her ex-boyfriend who is still keeping a track about her whereabouts; she finds it difficult to come to terms with it... Noor is at loss of words and does not know how to react when in a most unimaginable way some of the predictions that were made by a Fakir, come true. For ensuring security and stability for her daughter, Nafisa embraces biggest compromise of her life. Arjumand decides to give her unexpected whirlwind marriage a chance after developing a glimmer of faith in an outsider, when she was cheated by those, whom she had considered her own people. Meherunisa and Deenaz are thrown in the complicated situation of being mother and daughter, while they were just friends, once upon a time. Zaffrina learns a shocking truth about her first crush and after learning it, she decides to win his attention back. If you are a book lover who enjoys reading about short and quick yet impactful stories, then you must go for - Erupting emotions. As the name suggests, this book comes with a showcase of various female moods, sensibilities and emotions. The narration of all the stories is weaved around the decision-making capabilities of protagonists, who are, resourceful and dynamic women. They take control of their life after sailing through a series of unexpected situations and steer it around the conclusions that they arrive at. This book also brings out the corruption that exists in our education and political systems. Some of the subjects in this anthology are thought provoking as they are true to the present day in the north-eastern part of India. Mention of Ramzaan, Id-Ul- Fitre, the rustle of the muga mekhela - an Assamese style saree, Rongali Bihu - Assamese New Year, dhol, gamocha, pitha, gives a distinct Assamese feel to some of the stories. If you are curious to know how the story unfolds for each of the protagonists and who all the other pivotal characters in their lives are, then buying this book is a must for you.

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2000
Publisher Spectrum Publications
Contributor(s) Mehjabin Hussain
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 8187502126
ISBN 13 9788187502128
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  An interesting collection of short stories with an Assamese-Muslim backdrop 14 July, 2012 On
    Mehjabin Hussain's book 'Erupting Emotions' is an interesting collection of short stories in English. The tales narrate the eventful lives of six strong, self-reliant , resourceful Muslim women who arrive at certain conclusions and decisions after having sailed through a range of unpredictable circumstances. The book showcases the moods , emotions and sensibilities of some outstanding women characters who emerge stronger and maturer after every trial or tribulation.

    Zinher finds it hard to come to terms with the truth that her ex-boyfriend is still keeping track of her movements.....
    Noor does not know how to react when a fakir makes a prediction which eventually turns true, but in the most unimaginable way....
    Nafisa , a mother, ends up making the biggest compromise of her life so that her daughter might embrace certainty and security.....
    After having been cheated by people she had considered her own and accepted by an outsider , Arjumand rises from her own ashes when she decides to give her sudden, whirlwind marriage a chance....
    Meherunisa and Deenaz were friends once ; now they are mother and daughter....
    Zaffrina decides to win back the attention of her first crush when she discovers a shocking truth about him....

    Ramzaan and Id-Ul- Fitre ; the rustle of the muga mekhela ; Rongali Bihu , dhol, gamocha, pitha : the book evokes an Assamese- Muslim feel all through.
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