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Essential English Grammar

Essential English Grammar

Language English
Contributor(s) Murphy
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Essential English Grammar

English is a universally spoken language. The colonial rule has left one noticeable mark on the world and that is the undeniable usage of English. Yet what creates the difference is the usage of the language; the understanding of its nuances and subtleties. The Essential English Grammar is a Cambridge certified self-study reference guide that helps one sharpen their written and spoken usage of the English language. Learn from a variety of exercises that sharpen your skills of correct syntax, pronunciation, word usage, punctuations, tenses and many other nuances that will make you an expert in the English language. Feel confident when you speak to your superiors, subordinates and colleagues.

This self-study reference material for the English language is useful for all ages, whether you are in school, college or working. Sharpen your basics and never worry about not being misunderstood or misquoted, as these are some of the biggest deal breaker in the present world scenario.

About the author:

Raymond Murphy is professor and expert in English grammar. He has authored a variety of educational books that are regarded as standards of learning the English language. He has managed to concise years of knowledge through his teaching and professional experiences to create reference and exercise guides that provide varying levels of difficulties from novice learners to experienced individuals. Raymond Murphy has written titles such as Murphy's English Grammar: A Self-study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Students of English with Answers, Grammar in Use Intermediate Student's Book with Answers and English Grammar in Use, which are used in majority of educational institutions worldwide.

Raymond Murphy boasts a readership of more than 100 million readers worldwide with his innovatively designed grammar and exercise books. Murphy holds many years of teaching experience and has received a Cambridge University's honorary MA. Despite several rejections for his first book, Murphy persisted and explored the possibilities of improving the state of English Grammar for people to understand world over, until finally he garnered immense success from his first book which was published by the Cambridge University Press.

Raymond Murphy is known for structuring his course books in a manner that is simple to understand, easy to read and therefore encourages faster learning among his readers. Several generations of learners have benefitted from his work and dedication to the English language.

When you walk in for an interview, meet a client for dinner or address an audience. The impacts of your thoughts are translated through your words and the way you use them. English is a complicated language construed from many different languages and constantly being redefined. It's one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide and each part of the world has its own interpretations to the way words are used. It is difficult to convey simple messages in the right spirit, creating the impact you desired without facing common communicational barriers such as sounding aggressive or too passive.

They world responds to those who are clear in their thought but one cannot showcase clarity without a firm grasp of the language's core, which is grammar. The right usage of words in the correct syntax can have far more influence rather than a bunch of high sounding words roughly stringed together. Coming back to the example of meetings, interviews or public speeches, science proves that the effectiveness of any communication lies less in the words used, instead more than sixty percent of the impact lies in the way it is used. To sway opinions in your favour it is important to strike at the heart.

Making that right impression starts with what we say and how we say it. Be it spoken or written English, the reader feels connected only when he doesn't have to decipher through what you are actually trying to say. The use of tact and innovation in language comes from a firm grasp of the English language and this expertise can only be achieved with a firm understanding of the grammar.

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Contributor(s) Murphy
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 8175960299
ISBN 13 9788175960299
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  1.  a good practice book 7 August, 2013 On
    I am neither very weak nor very strong in English, but if you ask me-"ram is going to school-which tense is it?", i can't answer it. i have skipped many English classes and now i regret it.So, i wanted to learn English grammar from the very basic level, like noun, pronoun, tense and so on. so, i ordered this book and thought my English worries were over, except they weren't. This book doesn't teaches you essential English grammar as it claims. In fact it is only a practice book with short descriptions of grammar, though i must add a very good one.

    so buy this only if you want to practice essential English grammar, not to understand it.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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