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Fashion and trends are constantly changing and these days sunglasses serve more than their assigned purpose. They are not merely a way of protecting the eyes but it has become a quintessential fashion accessory that helps you to make a bold fashion statement. When it comes to different types of sunglass styles, the oval lens types are the most popular and preferred choice among women. So, if you're looking to add a pair of oval shaped sunglasses to your own collection of beautiful accessories, look no further as you can own the Estycal Oval Blue Sunglasses very easily. These amazing sunglasses from the house of Estycal are the perfect pair of sunglasses that you've always dreamt of owning. Lightweight, elegant and classy, these sunglasses will make you stand out the moment you walk out wearing them. Don a pair of Estycal Oval Blue Sunglasses to make a chic addition to your style quotient. Before you make the purchase, learn all about these awesome sunglasses from the features given below

Design and Style

The oval or over sized sunglasses rose to popularity in the early 60's and this popular fashion is back now with a bang. Today, they are the quintessential sunglass design that has huge popularity amongst sunglass lovers of all ages. These Estycal Oval Blue sunglasses have two reflective and large lenses in a distinct oval shape which is supported by a slender and sleek metal frame. This Estyca sunglass is made of premium quality polycarbonate material that ensures reliability and durability of the product. The oval lenses are expertly designed to resist scratches and damage. Special UV protection technology is used in the making of the fine lenses that ensures that sunglasses fulfil their basic and primary requirement, which is of protecting the eyes from harmful sunrays. The convex lenses of this sunglass are expertly designed to cover the eyes in a perfect manner, and it also prohibits sunlight from entering from any possible angle. The lenses are a gorgeous shade of blue, which not only draws attention but also garners a lot of compliments.

The lenses are supported by a high quality green coloured metal frame that is meticulously designed to balance the lenses with a sturdy structure and classy design. The metal frame sports a slim and stylish design that doesn't interfere with the style of these blue oval glasses. The end of the frame is covered with firm earpieces in shades of a stylish green colour, which sit comfortably and cosily on the ears. The bridge of this sunglass which acts as the link between the lenses provides an effective and snug fit on the nose bridge. These Estycal sunglasses come in a standard size and can fit all. It measures 58mm and the frame size is medium.

Fashion Tips

These Estycal sunglasses, notches up your style quotient and make you look extremely stylish and fashionable. The best thing about these sunglasses is that it can be worn with a wide variety of styles and outfits. You could wear them almost any occasion to flaunt a stylish look. Pair these with nice fitted denim jeans and a loose lacy top, to pull off a casual summery look. Ideal for casual day outs, these sunglasses can be worn on formal occasions as well. You can let your hair loose or style it up in a nice bun; the sunglasses would complement all style statements. You can easily go from casual to formal in this stylish sunglass.


Although this sunglass is expertly constructed and sturdy, the likes of these sunglasses needs to be handled with proper care. Fingerprints and oil may deposit on the lenses due to regular usage. You can clear the dust that may have settled overtime with a neat piece of cloth. You can also rinse it thoroughly under tap water to remove the dust particles from the frame or the lenses. Later you can use a soft cloth and gently clean the lenses in slow and easy motions. Proper care must be taken to clean this sunglass gently, to avoid scratches. This sunglass comes in a special and durable hard carrying case. This hard carrying case comes in a black colour and is cushioned and spacious enough to protect the sunglasses from accidental droppings as well as from humidity and heat. This product is now available on the internet, so you can by Estycal Oval Blue Sunglasses online very easily.


  • Best for daily and casual wear
  • Comfortable nosepads
  • Comes in a protective casing


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