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Eureka Forbes Xpert 8-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Xpert 8-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

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Brand Eureka Forbes
Model Number Xpert
Colour White
Material Plastic
Size 42 X 54 X 29 Cm
Capacity 8 litres
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Overview: Eureka Forbes Xpert 8-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

About the Product:

Staying healthy in these times has become taxing. Almost everything we consume seems seeped with impurities however there is still one thing you can choose to consume in its purest form. Water! Eureka brings to you a technology that cleanses your water to the last drop.

This 8 liter water purifier with three basic stages of purification has been designed to calculate the TDS of water before selecting the best purification method for it. TDS basically stand for total dissolved solids that include elements like calcium, minerals, sodium etc. that stay in the water. This smart system calculates the permissible limit of these solids and filter out the extra harmful amount. Besides this the system also has automatic sensors for hardness and taste. You can decide and select the amount of softness to reduce wastage of water.

The advanced purification system also filters out fatal substances like arsenic and mercury. Besides this it also removes bacteria, viruses and cysts that can make you fatally sick. The water undergoes three phases.

RO method removes ions and other solutes like salt and suspended particles to give you water that is semi potable. This process removes sediments as the water passes through semi permeable membrane. While under UV purification phase water is essentially ripped off the bacteria and viruses by rendering them ineffective. The Ultra violet rays get rid of microorganisms to make water biologically safe. It is much advanced than regular chlorination process.

The advanced technology renders water safe without leaving any toxic byproducts. It doesn't alter the taste of water and requires very little time. Last stage purifies water by ultra-filtration where remaining harmful substances are removed as water is pushed with huge force against another semi permeable membrane to flux out only purest form of potable water.

Except this expert purification system what makes this purifier really smart are a series of other features. The cartridge and UV life alert schedules your service calls automatically. The advanced auto flush technology helps in enhancing the life of membrane by cleaning it periodically. Besides this on screen alerts help you to use the system in optimum conditions.

The system isn't just consumer family or easy on your pockets, it is power efficient as well. The system's power consumption is as less as 45 watts. The dimensions of the purifier are 42 x 54 x 29 cms. The eight liter capacity ensures that you don't have to filter the water frequently. The capacity gives you a good buffer time before you need to purify and refill. The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee.

These smart features and the patent purification from Eureka forbes not just keeps your water clean but gives you a product that is way more durable. Now you can gift your family health and happiness at an affordable price.

In this frantic market, where there are a plethora or options and new brands are coming up every second, it gets hard to stick to a name consistently. Having said that, there are some brands which will make your job as a fellow shopper much easier. These brands are like juggernauts as they've been in and around the industry for an admirable amount of time, having garnered a humongous fan base because of their consistent product quality and impeccable customer service standards. And without one shadow of a doubt, Eureka Forbes is one such big name!

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Features: Eureka Forbes Xpert 8-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

  • RO + UV water purifier
  • Installation: Free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer. For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call the manufacturer's customer support directly on 18602661177 and provide the product's model name
  • Multi-Stage Advanced Purification System: This advanced purification system gives you protection from harmful chemicals, pesticides and dreaded heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and also removes water borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • TDS Regulator: It selects the best purification method from the patented multi stage RO+UV+UF purification process based on the input water
  • Cartridge and UV Life Alert: Smartly schedule your service calls
  • Auto Flush Facility: Enhances life of membrane
  • On Screen Alerts: Helps you to operate the purifier in optimum condition
  • Enhanced Storage Capacity: The purifier has ample storage capacity of 8 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year membrane warranrty
  • Power: 45 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
Product Details
Manufacturer Eureka Forbes
Brand Eureka Forbes
Model Number Xpert
Colour White
Material Plastic
Wattage 45 Watts
Size 42 X 54 X 29 Cm
Item Package Quantity 1
Capacity 8 litres
Warranty 1 year membrane warranrty
Technical Specification
Power Source electric
Power Adapter Included Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2 grams
Product Dimensions 39 cm x 33 cm x 40.5 cm

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