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Eva Urbane All Day Freshness Deodorant -Floral fusion

Eva Urbane All Day Freshness Deodorant -Floral fusion

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Eva Urbane All Day Freshness Deodorant -floral Fusion

Most women are very particular about the way they smell. In most cases women also prefer to a particular fragrance for a very long time. We bring to you a deodorant that you would like to buy over and over again, once you have used it. The Eva Urbane All Day Freshness Deodorant provides you with a sweet floral fragrance with a long lasting formula ensuring a fresh feel all day long.

Especially designed for ladies who stay busy all day long, or even the ladies who like to do rigorous workout every day, this deodorant is a perfect choice. Providing you with a sweet and strong fragrance, this one guards your body against the bad odour that might be spread due to excessive sweating. Considering the phenomenon that sweating not only occurs because of burning fat while working out, but it is also a result of too much tension, stress, nervousness and more. To avoid embarrassment during such situations due to increased perspiration, this deodorant ensures that your body always smells good with a floral fragrance.

Whether it is for a party or a daily office wear, this uniquely perfumed deodorant makes sure to leave behind a lingering fragrance every time you walk the aisle. Sweep your loved one off his feet or impress your boss with the amazing fragrance, this deodorant gives much more than you expect. Make every moment perfect by adding that extra flowery feel to it with this floral scented deodorant. Rather than choosing just another stick of perfume off the shelf, make sure to choose this deodorant for better performance. Its long lasting formula also makes the product worth the price you pay for it. You could shop online for this beautifully fragranced deodorant available only at Junglee. Choose over a number of sellers offering the product at various prices.

Product Details
Brand Eva
Model Number UT341
Target Gender Female
Theme Floral Fusion, Deodrant, Deo, Perfume

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