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Eveready LED Bulb 7W Pack Of 2

Eveready LED Bulb 7W Pack Of 2

Brand Eveready
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Product Description

If you are planning to lighten up your house with a chain of LED bulbs that will undoubtedly transform its whole appearance, then you can check out this combo pack of Eveready bulbs online. It has been crafted from the latest technology and makes sure that you are offered absolute satisfaction. Here is your chance to shop online for Eveready LED 7W bulb combo pack and make a meaningful purchase. If you want to have a good time at your home or work place, you can check out the details of this product more closely.

Product Description

This LED bulb combo pack is brought to you by Eveready that has emerged as one of the leading brands producing dry cell batteries, flashlights, CFL lights and packet tea. It is a well-known Indian brand dealing in Indian devices that deliver optimum amount of customer satisfaction. As far as the product is concerned, it is made of refined quality materials and components and is high in terms of quality and precision. Strict quality measures have been adhered to while designing this bulb so that it is safe to be used at various establishments and surroundings. It has been put through rigorous checking under the supervision of experts so that the final product delivered to its highly esteemed customers is energy efficient plus long lasting. This Philips LED bulb has a sleek design that will not only light up the surroundings but also your mood with its soothing yet bright light. The bulb is made from a combination of metal alloy and glass, which makes it strong and durable in quality. The unique design and the external facade of the product is a real treat to the eye. The internal parts of a bulb that are usually visible in other bulbs, remains concealed in this LED bulb that has been especially crafted in order to stylize its look. The glass of the bulb is non-transparent and therefore the tungsten filament, the in and out contact wires, the support wire and the stem are not visible, making it look all the more stylish. The portion between the glass of the bulb and the cap or the insulation comes in a shuttlecock-like design that connects the two parts (the cap and the glass). While the cap has a white colour, the glass is off-white shaded. The cap also bears the trademark logo of Eveready on it that is conspicuously visible thereby authenticating the product.


This Eveready bulb combo pack features two bulbs of 7 Watt each that will fairly light up your living room, garden or work place and enable you to carry on your work with ease. It is highly in demand in today's world because of its long life span and durability. Unlike ordinary bulbs, these LED bulbs do not burn out and stop working due to erroneous glitches. These are energy efficient bulbs, which make sure that you need not worry about too much power consumption and an unprecedented hike in the electricity bill. These bulbs consume very less power and help in the conservation of energy. The best part about these LED bulbs is that they produce little infrared light and emit almost negligible amount of harmful UV rays. These bulbs can be used in art galleries, museum, archaeological sites and innumerable other places. You can also install them in garden paths that will make the garden become livelier at night and make it safe to be frequented. You can install it above your courtyard door or outside your main door for ushering other people into the house and letting know that you are inside. You can also install this 7W bulb combo pack inside your office to illuminate the surroundings and dark corners to prevent theft or unwanted crimes. If you own a restaurant or cafe, you can install these bulbs and let your customers be impressed by the ambience created by you. If you are putting up an exhibition of arts or auctioning anything, you can use these bulbs that can serve as spotlights.

Key Highlights

Made of fine quality glass

7 Watt LED bulb

Soothing white colour

Long lasting

Energy efficient

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy to install

So what are you waiting for? Buy Eveready LED 7W bulb combo pack online today from any corner of the world!

Product Details
Brand Eveready

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