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Eversleek L'Oreal Paris Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Shampoo, 250 ml
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Eversleek L'Oreal Paris Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Shampoo, 250 ml

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Target Gender Female
Product Weight 317.5 grams
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Product Description

A shampoo is an essential product which we use in a day to day basis. Using a good shampoo is extremely important to maintain a good health of the hair. Shampoo cleans the dirt from the scalp and accelerates hair growth. The brand L'Oreal Paris brings you an amazing shampoo that will help you maintain your hair like never before. Let us check out the features of this shampoo that will help you make the purchase.

Design and Specifications

The Eversleek L'Oreal Paris Smoothing Shampoo comes in a sleek tube which contains 250 ml shampoo. This shampoo can be used by women of all ages. It will not only nourish your hair but will also render a great shine to your hair. The texture will also get enhanced and you will be able to flaunt your long and beautiful tresses like never before. If you have frizzy hair and you want to get rid of it you must get hold of this amazing shampoo. This shampoo will make your hair smooth and silky and make it completely frizz-free. This shampoo will give your hair 48 hours of protection. Other local shampoos contain heavy silicones which damage the hair quality. Due to this the hair becomes too rough and gets tangled. You will feel a huge difference in the texture of your hair strands just after the first wash. This shampoo helps your hair become smooth. There are other shampoos in the market which use sulfates to clean hair that are very harsh. They also contain silicones that create a coating on the hair and make it weigh down. This Eversleek L'Oreal Paris Smoothing Shampoo is completely free of such sulfates and silicones. The shampoo gently cleans the scalp and the hair. It contains natural oil that will give you weightless tresses for 48 hours. Olive oil is very good for hair and this shampoo contains best quality oil extracted and refined using groundbreaking technology. The oil content will help you nourish and maintain the long length of your hair. In this fast paced world we generally do not get time to oil our hair over night but by using this shampoo you can save much of your time. This shampoo has all the qualities in it which any good variant of oil can offer. The other important ingredients of this shampoo are argan and sunflower. The combination of these components makes the best shampoo ever which has been brought to you by the brand L'Oreal Paris.

How To Use?

Applying shampoo is very important. One should shampoo their hair every alternate day. No dirt will stick to your hair if you shampoo it regularly. Using this shampoo is very easy. You need to wet your hair completely at first and then take a little shampoo from the tube on your palm. Mix the shampoo on your palm and it will create lather. Now put the shampoo on your wet hair and massage your hair in circular motions. Massaging your hair will let your fingers reach all the portions of your scalp and bring out the dirt from it. After massaging your hair for 5 minutes wash it with water. Make sure that the shampoo gets washed completely off your hair. The lather of the shampoo should not stay on your hair. You can tame your locks and keep your unruly hair in place with the use of this shampoo. The product is not tested on animals and has 100% vegan formula. The weight of the shampoo tube is 317.5 grams, which makes the product quite handy. If you are travelling somewhere, you can carry the shampoo with you in your purse without a problem.

About The Brand

L'Oreal Paris is a brand which has been producing cosmetic and beauty products since ages. This brand brings you a wide range to choose from. They produce top quality shampoos which will help you repair your damaged hair. If you purchase a product from L'Oreal Paris you will not regret it.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the shampoo is very easy. All you need to keep in mind is that you should close the lid of the tube when not in use. You must keep the shampoo out of reach from child access. Store the shampoo in a cool place and not in a place which is comparatively hotter.

Key Features

Frizz free for 48 hours

Sulfate and silicon free

Improves texture and repairs hair

Contains olive oil, argan and sunflower

Product Features

  • Sulfate and silicon-free smoothing shampoo gently cleanses while weightlessly smoothing frizzy, unruly hair
  • Formulated with natural botanicals, oils, and sunflower for 48-hour frizz control
  • Improves texture, and leaves hair beautifully sleek and manageable
  • 100% vegan formula, not tested on animals
  • Net Wt. 8.5 oz.
Product Details
Manufacturer L'Oreal Paris
Manufacturer Part Number FPS-173042
Brand L'Oreal
Model Number K0902300
Target Gender Female
Theme Normal Hair
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 317.5 grams
Product Dimensions 4.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 21.7 cm

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